Monday, June 30, 2008


Friend had a $20 voucher for Sakae, so here we are... these are some photos that I took when i wasn't too lazy. I love how slice beef go with golden mushroom. Its one of those perfect match, match made in heaven =) First tasted this perfect union when i went for a BBQ at L's place. The one at Sakae is not too bad, just a little salty and the meat a little overcooked. 
I like the Sashimi salad! Friend insisted that we must have this and yes, certainly a wise choice. 
Well the usually Fried veggie.. errr (kakikage or something??) 
Of cos these were not the only items we had, the rest were kind of ordinary and I was too hungry and lazy to take any photos. One thing for sure is that our appetite for Sakae sushi has shrunk tremendously, used to go for their buffets and used to spend at least $30 plus on sushi only... Imagine both of us are members of Sakae sushi! and how did we became members? we both consumed $200 in 3 months... that was i believe 5 years back... hai... now even though we arent consuming as much, but our weight has certainly faced an upward trend. 

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