Friday, June 13, 2008

Trip up North

Very foggy at Genting.
One of the many meals in Genting,  Kenny Rogers. In fact it is a meal that i always have in Genting (erm there is not much edible food up on the mountain) My usual quarter chicken and 2portions of baked beans. Yes i love bake beans! My comfort food, together with beef noodles and teo chew porridge. 
This is the other plate. Yeah more varieties, yucky coleslaw. Never could understand why people like coleslaw. Tried her macaroni  and cheese, didn't like it. Very blend and not cheesy. 

The other meals we had were buffet at resort hotel and coffee terrance at Genting Hotel. 

I just had to add that service was horrible at Genting, be it the hotel reception, food outlets, retail stores... all horrible, can't be bothered attitude - even when you want to pay for your meal. 

Stayed at resort hotel standard room this time, strange room. At 7am, there would be music played through the room speakers to wake you up. Yes! in the first place why would there be speakers in the room?? When we queried the front desk, she insisted that ALL hotels would have music played in the morning?! Ridiculous! 
To add on to things, there was a circuit trip on the second night. sigh...
Gave up on Genting, went down to Malacca... sleepy warm little town.
Dinner at Malacca Newton Hawker Centre. The Bak Ku Teh soup was tasty but the pork rib was too tough, must have been a big fat pig! The black sauce was the normal soya sauce, if only they had the thick black kind. 
Hand-made chee cheong fun coated with egg skin. Not too bad! 
Char Kway Teow. It has a lovely salty taste of the cockles. If you don't like cockles, this is certainly not a dish for you, but if you are like me who LOVE cockles, this plate certainly has a strong salty taste of the sea =)

Dessert, very good bowl of peanut barley soup. 
Breakfast and Lunch at Pin Pin Hiong, intersection of Lor Hang Jebat and Jlk Tkg Besi just before Orang Utan House. Opening hours 7am - 330pm. Read from that it is a favourite haunt for the locals. 
Coffeeshop was packed in the morning with long waiting time but when we went there at about 1:30,it was almost empty. 
Oyster Omelete with teeny weeny bits of oysters. This is unlike Singapore version of Orh Jian, it is neither starchy nor gluey. Overall not too oily, not too bad.  RM$ 6
Mee Sua was realllllly full of Ohhmmmp! Full of flavour, made with a hearty stock of ingredients such as mini oysters, mini prawns, liver, small intestines, mince pork, veggie, sliced pork. Even if you are not a Mee Sua person, this is worth trying! $4 per bowl
Fried Kway Teow aka Hor Fun... hmm realised they used the same ingredients they used for the Mee Sua nevertheless it is one of the better ones i have ever tried so far. I think the hor fun in Singapore simply lacks the Wok Hei flavour that is apparent here. At RM$4 it is certainly value for money =) You could have the Hua Dan version (egg) for $5
Bittergourd with slice pork. Not in the menu, but well you could request for it. I am not a bittergourd person, I used to hate it. but i am slowly, very slowly acquiring the taste of it. Taste a little like the hor fun with the charred bits. RM$6
Overall was a fun, satisfying, heart stopping,  lots of crap, singing, laughters and tummy filling trip!!

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