Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tiong Bharu food centre

Dinner at Tiong Bharu Food Centre.

The dumpling char siew noodles was good, but there was too much food, we couldn't or rather I couldn't finish the noodles. Noodles was springy, Char Siew had the chao tar taste which i like and dumpling though was abit small had ingredients such as water chestnut which gave the dumpling the right ommph! I would love it to be a little more peppery, with black fungus and shitake mushrooms! Alex Place near Liang Street still wins hands down when it comes to dumpling... "shui jiao'

k name of dumpling char siew noodle stall: Tiong Bharu Lee Hong Ji 02-60
Black carrot cake and poh pia were from the same stall, but i couldnt remember the name of the stall. Anyway cant miss it, cos there is only 1 stall selling poh pia.
This is probably a spin off of the original Jian Bo Chwee Kueh. Pig and i did a taste test on both the original Jian Bo and this chwee Kueh and we both preferred this version. The preserved veggie 'Chai Po' was more fragrant and less salty. Kueh was not as soft and mushy as Jian Bo. 
Unfortunately though today's Chwee Kueh was a little too salty. Chili was tasteless. Not as good as when we did our taste test in March. 

Chwee Kueh: Zheng Zhong Tiong Bharu Chwee Kueh 02-62
Char Kway Teow ,not sure of the name of the stall, but it is the one with long queue and an orange sign board. Didn't really fancy it, not oily enough =P not unhealthy enough =p basically the char kway teow was too dry and there was very few cockles. Head to Bedok South market - Hill Street Char Kway Teow or Hong Lim market - Outram Char Kway Teow if you love Char Kway Teow. Both are unhealthy but seddappp! 
Thick, crude oil-looking sesame seed paste 'ji ma hu'. This is certainly a satisfying bowl of ji ma hu! Thick and delicious! Die Die must try! errm but yet again, i do not know the name of this dessert stall. Then again, you can't miss it, it is the only stall that sells sesame seed paste, walut paste, almond paste!! 


dorine said...

woo i love cheuw kueh (dunno how to spell) hahaha u should explore kovan area too. got one hokkien mee nice..nt the black kind. the fried prawn mee.. and made to order chee cheong fun, the kind with prawn or char siew filling

AhChew said...

kovan where?? the food centre?? yaa yaa heard of the hokkien mee but never try before and dont know where it is.. but people kept mentioning about the Hokkien Mee

dorine said...

it is a coffee shop at kovan. the one with pungol nasi lemak. very long queue for the nasi lemak. dunno if this fu jian mee is the famous one but i like it cos it's nt too dry..abti chilli too