Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shangri-La The Line

Yeah photos look pale, and i take bad photos of buffet, usually my plate of food would look boring or disgusting. Took this using my iphone as my camera ran out of battery =(( anyway here is lunch at The Line...

Dessert bar, was too full to make a full attack on the desserts.
The cold section. Canadian Oysters were being served, it was really HUGE and creamy. Ate 3 oysters, too creamy to chew on more. 
Asked for salmon belly, only had 1 serving as the queue was too long. 
I enjoyed the carving section, the roast beef was rare and bloody, just the way i like the beast. The lamb chop was very good, i love the characteristically smelly smell/taste of the lamb. And yes with the mint sauce, it is almost perfect. Almost... 
On my plate is the mushroom chicken ragout, i love that too. chicken was tender and the mushroom sauce really complimented the chicken. 
My 'indian food' haa cant remember what i took from the indian section, but anyhow here is my plate. Yes, i have the habit of taking small portion just so that I can try everything. 
Seafood section:
Chef slicing the sashimi
Overall experience not too bad, quite a large variety my rating would be 6 out of 10, but I am sure AG who enjoyed it would have rated it 9! 

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