Tuesday, August 19, 2008

San He Yuan Herbal Steamboat

oww... please bear with the bad photo quality. Anyway this is one of those lazy typing days. 
My favourite cockles! I love these tiny iron pills!

We had many more dishes but i was too hungry to snap away
BTW this is a steamboat buffet. It is known for its herbal base soup

Seafood International Market & Restaurant @ Big Splash

Our assembly of dishes
Choose your seafood!

First dish: fried squid - nothing fantastic
Bamboo Clam - the best dish, a tad salty though

3 cups wine chicken? also nothing special
Deep fried mushroom. Yup you choose the mushroom and the style of cooking
Black Pepper Crab, trust me the Joo Chiat black pepper crab is much much better!

Finally the chili crab which is slightly better but disappointing too
902 East Coast Parkway Big Splash
Blk A 01-01/03
Opening Hours: 1130-1430
                                 1700 - 1200
Tel: 63451211

Friday, August 15, 2008


One of those dinners at home...
Curry Chicken, mama said she added to much cinnamon?!(erm then again maybe it is not cinnamon, i think she was just bluffing me) thats why it is a little bitter. Wish she had added more Kaffir lime leaves.
Cooking method =)
Deep fry the potatoes
Fry Indian curry paste (from market) till fragrant
Add chicken, Kaffir Lime leaves, Lemon grass and diluted coconut milk. Cook till chicken is 3/4 done. Add in salt and sugar. When chicken is done, add in the left over undiluted coconut milk! =) simple? 

Bak Ku Teh soup... must buy pork ribs! only pork ribs. I love the innards!
Spinach with wolfberries
Cooking method:
Fry lots of garlic, when it is brown, add in the spinach and the wolfberries. Add in some chicken stock. 
Here is our complete dinner, and yes we eat brown rice these days. 

Saturday, August 9, 2008

132 Mee Pok

Our appetiser - otah! Its yummy, at least it has visible fish bits in the otah. I wish it was a little warmer though.
Our long awaited Mee Pok! Almost an hour for this mee pok!
Of course it has to come with extra chili and lots of vinegar!
Verdict: I ate sooo fast that i couldn't really savour the food properly, but then again it is a mee pok stall that I eat quite often so I kind of know that I like the Mee Pok here, love the chili, love the al dente noodles but i wish they didn't dilute the vinegar. Yesh! I love my vinegar! Bring it on! Whatever it is certainly not worth an hour long wait! And my no 1 choice of mee pok is still Tai Wah mee pok at Crawford Lane
Poh Pia! Expensive at $2.50, and not particularly fantastic. Skin is soft and thin but I like my poh pia with the tiny little crunchy bits inside which is absent in this poh pia. 
Final note: Please do not be lazy and park illegally outside! DARRN! I just got a parking summon for a bowl of noodles that I had to swallow! 

132 Mee Pok
52 Upper East Coast Road
Opposite POSB
Opening Hours: 730 - 330
Closed Mondays and Alternate Sundays