Friday, August 15, 2008


One of those dinners at home...
Curry Chicken, mama said she added to much cinnamon?!(erm then again maybe it is not cinnamon, i think she was just bluffing me) thats why it is a little bitter. Wish she had added more Kaffir lime leaves.
Cooking method =)
Deep fry the potatoes
Fry Indian curry paste (from market) till fragrant
Add chicken, Kaffir Lime leaves, Lemon grass and diluted coconut milk. Cook till chicken is 3/4 done. Add in salt and sugar. When chicken is done, add in the left over undiluted coconut milk! =) simple? 

Bak Ku Teh soup... must buy pork ribs! only pork ribs. I love the innards!
Spinach with wolfberries
Cooking method:
Fry lots of garlic, when it is brown, add in the spinach and the wolfberries. Add in some chicken stock. 
Here is our complete dinner, and yes we eat brown rice these days. 

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