Thursday, April 16, 2009


Our breakfast in Bali @ some hotel in Ahmed
Omelet with ham and mushroom
Our dinner at Jimbaran
Kang Kong
Kang Kong
Grilled Fish
Grilled Fish
Grilled Prawns
Grilled Prawns
Sweet Sour Sotongs
Sweet and Sour Sotong
This had got to be our favourite meal, Babi Guling at Ubud
Babi Guling
Finally on our last day, we had these at the airport
grilled sambal chicken rice and satay chicken rice
Grilled chicken rice
Fried rice with chicken Satay

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thai Express @ esplanade mall

Had Thai express before running off to catch CATS. Think i told myself and another friend before that i would never ever eat at Thai Express again, but as always, when i have to catch something at Esplanade, there is not much choices so ... yet again Thai Express. Anyway I was also craving for Thai food, so uh well, no harm breaking my promise. SO here is what we had:
Tom Yum Soup to share, it looks deceptively innocent, but it is one mean fiery bowl of soup. I kinda like the fact that it is so overpoweringly spicy!
Tom Yum Soup
Next up my main: Tom Yum Hor Fun. I love this simply because it is spicy. I think i just love the taste of tom yum with the fragrant taste of lemon grass and kaffir leaves. Hmm but i really cant quite comprehend why cooks are always frying cuttlefish in such a way that it is too chewy and unfriendly to the jaws.
Tom Yum Hor Fun
Tom Yum Hor Fun
These are my friends' mains:
Pad Thai
Pad Thai Talay
Green Curry with Rice
Green Curry with rice

We also had the Banana fritters with ice cream of which i couldnt take a photo cos we were running out of time. Anyway there was a funny, or rather smelly, stale oil taste to the fritters. Maybe they fry n refry it with oil which were stale?? hmm

Esplanade Mall 01-13D
Sun - Thurs: 1100 - 2300
Fri - Sat: 1130 - 2400

Anyway it opens till late, so well... one of the places you can visit after a performance in the Esplanade

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Came here for this thick broth of crab bee hoon soup. Owl and I are not crab people, to us, the effort that goes into digging the flesh is not worth the taste. But well as both of us are uninspired as to where to head to for dinner, here we are at Uncle Leong.
Uncle Leong
We had the 3 eggs spinach
Uncle Leong
and the crispy fried toufu. Not bad, but too many for just the 2 of us
Uncle Leong

Uncle Leong
Blk 233 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3
6554 3453

*this place was given rather poor ratings in Hungry Go Where, but it is really not that bad =)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Taste Paradise revisited

Once again, here we are at Taste Paradise. Thanks to M, we got a delicious treat! 

Here are the 2 sauces that company the entire meal. Her bee hiam (spicy prawn paste) and green ginger.
The usual appetizer - Prawns with Mangoes
Next up the Famous XO carrot cake. It is available for $1 if you spend more than $100 on the total bill. I love the soft and mushy carrot cake, it is of course unlike what you get in hawker centres where you can hardly taste the white carrot. The carrot cake here has a distinctive carrot taste and it is nicely fried with XO sauce. 
Next up the Peking Duck. Also another lunch time promotion. $28 for the duck. Guess most would consider $28 as rather worth it, but I'm not a fan of duck  nor duck skin, so well... and with just the 3 of us, it can get quite boring eating slabs and slabs of duck skin. 

Next up is what we came for, yes yes as with previous post, this is certainly the highlight of the meal. I admit that theoretically I have sworn off shark's fin, but once in a while, i break my 'vow' by indulging in a superb bowl of soup. Hmmm if only someone could replicate the taste without using shark's fin. I am sure it is possible, shark's fin itself is probably tasteless. 
okay this may seem really offensive to people who ban shark's fin in their tummy. Sorry guys! I am really trying to stay clear of those fins!
Next up a toufu dish, toufu with mushroom and scallop. Nothing fantastic, although the scallop sauce was pleasant, but the toufu was rather disappointing. Worse than many zi char stall i would say. tasteparadise100420090110
The final meal before desserts was a bee hoon dish, fried with the meat of the Peiking duck. Also another disappointing dish. Then again maybe because we were too full to find pleasure in it.
Finally desserts: We had the almond cream in papaya and avocado cream with walnut ice-cream. Take my advice, just stick to the avocado cream next time. The almond cream and previously the mango cream that I had is nothing to rave about. The avocado cream on the other hand is very unique, the walnut ice-cream and avocado cream is indeed a perfect match.
Total bill for 3
Taste Paradise
48-49 Mosque Street
6226 2959
1200-1430, 1730-2230

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Por Kee

Had a good meal with wonderful company at Porkee - Tiong Bharu. 
This is my favourite dish! Taste very much like well marinated piece of char siew! Really love it! =) In fact I am craving for it now this very moment! SHIOK!
This is the steam fish in thai sauce. Very obliging staff who changed the fire 2 times cos we were slow in devouring the fish and we wanted to keep the fish warm. In addition, we asked for 3 more helping of the thai fish 'soup'. Love the taste of the lemon grass and the wolfberries in the sauce. 
Very yummy toufu fish!
Yam basket
My favourite vegetable, sweet potato leaves!
69 Seng Poh Lane
5:30 - 12:30
Tel: 6221 0582