Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Por Kee

Had a good meal with wonderful company at Porkee - Tiong Bharu. 
This is my favourite dish! Taste very much like well marinated piece of char siew! Really love it! =) In fact I am craving for it now this very moment! SHIOK!
This is the steam fish in thai sauce. Very obliging staff who changed the fire 2 times cos we were slow in devouring the fish and we wanted to keep the fish warm. In addition, we asked for 3 more helping of the thai fish 'soup'. Love the taste of the lemon grass and the wolfberries in the sauce. 
Very yummy toufu fish!
Yam basket
My favourite vegetable, sweet potato leaves!
69 Seng Poh Lane
5:30 - 12:30
Tel: 6221 0582

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