Friday, April 10, 2009

Taste Paradise revisited

Once again, here we are at Taste Paradise. Thanks to M, we got a delicious treat! 

Here are the 2 sauces that company the entire meal. Her bee hiam (spicy prawn paste) and green ginger.
The usual appetizer - Prawns with Mangoes
Next up the Famous XO carrot cake. It is available for $1 if you spend more than $100 on the total bill. I love the soft and mushy carrot cake, it is of course unlike what you get in hawker centres where you can hardly taste the white carrot. The carrot cake here has a distinctive carrot taste and it is nicely fried with XO sauce. 
Next up the Peking Duck. Also another lunch time promotion. $28 for the duck. Guess most would consider $28 as rather worth it, but I'm not a fan of duck  nor duck skin, so well... and with just the 3 of us, it can get quite boring eating slabs and slabs of duck skin. 

Next up is what we came for, yes yes as with previous post, this is certainly the highlight of the meal. I admit that theoretically I have sworn off shark's fin, but once in a while, i break my 'vow' by indulging in a superb bowl of soup. Hmmm if only someone could replicate the taste without using shark's fin. I am sure it is possible, shark's fin itself is probably tasteless. 
okay this may seem really offensive to people who ban shark's fin in their tummy. Sorry guys! I am really trying to stay clear of those fins!
Next up a toufu dish, toufu with mushroom and scallop. Nothing fantastic, although the scallop sauce was pleasant, but the toufu was rather disappointing. Worse than many zi char stall i would say. tasteparadise100420090110
The final meal before desserts was a bee hoon dish, fried with the meat of the Peiking duck. Also another disappointing dish. Then again maybe because we were too full to find pleasure in it.
Finally desserts: We had the almond cream in papaya and avocado cream with walnut ice-cream. Take my advice, just stick to the avocado cream next time. The almond cream and previously the mango cream that I had is nothing to rave about. The avocado cream on the other hand is very unique, the walnut ice-cream and avocado cream is indeed a perfect match.
Total bill for 3
Taste Paradise
48-49 Mosque Street
6226 2959
1200-1430, 1730-2230

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