Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reviving my Blog

Just thought of reviving my blog... Hmm maybe i should turn this into a food + personal blog... instead of just food food food. Have been thinking of starting a new blog, you know like erase the past and start a fresh.. but i guess in the meantime i should just ride on this blog and see what happens from here. Not like anything would happen... but well.. want to minimise the number of spams on my comments and also to make it less public from my future employers. Dont really want to be an open book, but then again dont really have anything to hide other then a few skeletons here n there =)

Okay i am just blabbering. I guess being in Starbucks puts in the mood of blabbering n banging away on my keyboard.
Pardon me for my grammatical errors, spelling and weird sentence structure. Thats the way I am... I cant think when there is too much noise, I think faster than i can type and sometimes I could be thinking of too many things at the same time.

uh well... k thats all... was interrupted by a series of messages asking me to report to work tomr afternoon.. lost my inspiration.. so will end here