Friday, September 25, 2009

Just one of those rare random thoughts posting. Its Friday, my favourite day of the week. Waiting for time to pass so that i can get ready to head to town to meet some friends. Actually I hate going down to the city on Friday at peak hour, it is always so jammy, and i feel like I'm wasting my precious time being stuck in the jam. But then again, i hate being stuck at home on Friday more, so I will brave the jam and head down to town later.

Its nice and quiet here at my work desk, so nice and quiet that i am in one of the rare mood to blog about... well... random stuff. This is meant to be a Food only blog, but then again, once in a while i guess its okay to add some randomness in my life. I love random things, random people, random events. Which is why i enjoy getting lost. Okay, not really enjoy getting lost, but i dont mind getting lost, be it when i am driving or when i am just walking around random places. And i enjoy the whole process of getting lost when I have nothing else better to do. Gosh this post of mine is getting nowhere. It is LOST!

I am lost! uh oh... ha then again whats new. Like my dear friend used to ask me 'why are u always so lost' and my favourite phrase was 'i dont know' till she kicked the bad habit of mine away. I remember i used to say 'i dont know' to everything so that I dont have to think of anything, and everything could be answered with a simple 3-word phrase 'i dont know' but i guess its a bad habit. My brain was so lazy because of that, then again, it is still lazy nw.

As i sit at my work desk and i looked around, i realise that I'm going to miss many things here. My desk definitely, but really more the people around. Never really appreciated what is around me, in fact I have never pause for a moment to look at what is around me, life is more about running here and there, getting work done, meeting deadlines, trying not to thread on too many toes.

The people around, yes I am going to miss the people around me. My colleagues of whom some have became friends. But strangely i realise I'm going to miss most, the little people around me. The little people who have quietly creeped into my life without me knowing. I realised how much these little people meant to me when i pace up and down their room, wondering how they are feeling, are they happy? are they sad? are they disappointed? are they being too hard on themselves? haii thats why sometimes I think all of us need to maintain some form of detachment to people. I forgot to stretch out my arms and keep these people at arms' length, it is going to be quite painful to see them go. It is strange how comfortable you can be with these people, how you do not need to constantly put up a facade in front of these people, and how you enjoy the company of these people.
I wish i am good with words, I wish i can tell these people how much they meant to me and how much i really appreciate them, but... well.. me being me... nothing ever comes out right when it is translated to words. K maybe next time. but then again, we all know the 'next time' wldnt come by.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Malacca Food Trail Part 2: Hoe Kee Chicken & Jonkers Dessert 88

Right after lunch, we hop on to Jonkers Street famous Hoe Kee Chicken Rice. Think there are about 3 famous chicken rice ball place in Jonkers, as much as we are well known Bottomless Pit, but there is a limit to how much chicken rice we can stomach. So here is the one we tried:
Still prefer Singapore's version of Chicken Rice

Jonkers Dessert 88 - Chendol

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Malacca Food Trail Part 1

Hop to malacca for a 2 days 1 night Makan tour. It was an eat eat eat till you drop food trip with the entire clan.
Set off from Golden Mile at 830 am.
First stop Yong Peng. Shared the Yong Tau Food amongst the 3 of us. Had to save our yummy tummy for the goodies in Malacca.

Arrived in Malacca, Equatorial Hotel at about 2pm. After the check-in, with great determination and focus, the 13 of us, together with AMK in the pram, march to the Jonkers Street area for our lunch. Had lunch at Pin Pin Hiong, beside the Orang Utan House at Jln Tukang Besi.
My favourite place for Hor Fun, or as it is known there... Fried Kway Teow
The yummy, very homely taste of Mee Sua
The Oyster Omelete
Pork Chop swimming in the pool of gravy... didnt like this dish.

K thats all for Part 1!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

York Hotel Penang Buffet

Yet another round of buffet. I dont know why this buffet is so popular, it is certainly not worth paying $30 for hawker food. Nevertheless it was extremely crowded, they dont take reservation, so you need to queue and pay before you are seated. Hmm but anyhow, at the end of the day, I love buffet for the company I'm with, I love shopping for food, eat and eat and eat, talk and talk and talk, laugh and laugh and laugh. Run out of topic to talk about, go and grab more food. =)

Prawn Mee
York Hotel Penang Buffet
Penang Laksa
York Hotel Penang Buffet_2
Char Kway Teow
York Hotel Penang Buffet_1
Cuttlefish KangKong
York Hotel Penang Buffet_3
Dry Kway Teow
York Hotel Penang Buffet_5
Kway Teow Soup
York Hotel Penang Buffet_6
Penang Rojak
York Hotel Penang Buffet_8
Oyster Omelete
York Hotel Penang Buffet_7
Mee JIang Kueh Uncle and Mee Jiang Kueh (Peanut Pancake)
York Hotel Penang Buffet_10
York Hotel Penang Buffet_9
Ice Kacang
York Hotel Penang Buffet
York Hotel Penang Buffet_1

York Hotel Penang Buffet
White Rose Cafe
Limited Period 4Sep-20Sep 09.
The Penang Buffet comes twice a year.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My comfort food

Gosh I should be sleeping and not be thinking of food at 2am! I think i am deprived of good food. Oh no.. i am now feeling guilty for saying that. Just think about it millions of people die of starvation each year and every 6secs, someone in this world is dying of starvation. Time to ignore my guilt:

I love food, for without food, i am but an empty sad soul! Now what are my comfort food, what makes me happy? simple, comfort food that is usually carbo-laden. Sometimes i wish I am a sumo wrestler, so I have no choice but to load myself with food n well i do not have to worry about being fat, cos being fat is my profession. Can you imagine? A professional Fatty? I wld love that!

I love: not in order of preference cos that would be too difficult to rank, it varies with mood
1) Eggs - all kinds of eggs, if i am a sumo, i would be able to eat eggs eggs eggs n more eggs. I love egg yoke especially. I love half boil egg, hard boil egg, omelete, scrambled eggs, century eggs, tea leaves eggs, sunny side-up eggs, stew eggs!
2) Handmade noodles (as in you mian)
3) Unagi
4) Chicken (in any form - roast, bbq, steam, grilled, boiled)
5) Teo Chew porridge
6) Cereal with cold milk
7) Noodles (mee sua, mee hoon, mee pok, kway teow)
8) Oily Fatty Salmon Belly
9) Cheese
10) Baked rice