Saturday, September 5, 2009

My comfort food

Gosh I should be sleeping and not be thinking of food at 2am! I think i am deprived of good food. Oh no.. i am now feeling guilty for saying that. Just think about it millions of people die of starvation each year and every 6secs, someone in this world is dying of starvation. Time to ignore my guilt:

I love food, for without food, i am but an empty sad soul! Now what are my comfort food, what makes me happy? simple, comfort food that is usually carbo-laden. Sometimes i wish I am a sumo wrestler, so I have no choice but to load myself with food n well i do not have to worry about being fat, cos being fat is my profession. Can you imagine? A professional Fatty? I wld love that!

I love: not in order of preference cos that would be too difficult to rank, it varies with mood
1) Eggs - all kinds of eggs, if i am a sumo, i would be able to eat eggs eggs eggs n more eggs. I love egg yoke especially. I love half boil egg, hard boil egg, omelete, scrambled eggs, century eggs, tea leaves eggs, sunny side-up eggs, stew eggs!
2) Handmade noodles (as in you mian)
3) Unagi
4) Chicken (in any form - roast, bbq, steam, grilled, boiled)
5) Teo Chew porridge
6) Cereal with cold milk
7) Noodles (mee sua, mee hoon, mee pok, kway teow)
8) Oily Fatty Salmon Belly
9) Cheese
10) Baked rice

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