Monday, August 24, 2009


Back to Honjin... think this must be the 4th time here. It is not fantastic, the quality is inconsistent, but i guess the 1 for 1 buffet gimmick is enough to tempt me. Like the Pig said, it is not really the food that is good, but it is just fun choosing food and eating as much as I want. In fact i think the best dish and most consistent dish here is the erm... watermelon and orange slices! k but nevertheless what keeps us coming back for more is the free flow unagi and salmon! Anyway having said this, i shall give credit to the company that never fail delight me. Sometimes good company automatically bring about good food!

Just some photos of the buffet... too lazy to continue taking.

Salmon Sashimi
Sashimi Platter

Chawamushi - which is not bad

Ebi Tempura

I love Unagi... but sometimes... they serve Unagi that is not fresh... alittle of the soil taste if you get what i mean

Chicken Wing

Alright thats all! Too lazy to take any more photos... it is affecting my eating momentum

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