Friday, August 7, 2009

Wooo its been a long long time since i last updated my blog!

Had Dim Sum at Imperial Nanbei. I must say i love the dim sum here, they serve unique Dim Sum. one of the best places for dim sum in the east.

Had the Xiao Long Bao
Imperial Nanbei
Next up was a unique dish of Yam with Duck feet wrap with beancurd skin
Imperial Nanbei_4
Had been craving for Song fish head with black bean sauce for quite sometime, so i had to order when i saw this.
Imperial Nanbei_2
Wanted to order the la mian, but it wasnt ready so we change it to black pepper Udon with chicken pieces
Imperial Nanbei_3
We were not very full so we ordered another rice dumpling to share. Very yummy but a little oily, felt abit jerlat after the meal. Nevertheless a very good bean dumpling!
Imperial Nanbei_5

Imperial NanBei
Tampines One

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