Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Thai Table

Passed by Thai Table the other day to do take-away Pad Thai, told myself I would have to come back soon to try the food. I need to support Thai restaurants that are coming up near my place so that I could satisfy my Thai food craving as and when it comes knocking at my tummy again. If you have read some of the older posts, you would probably have guessed that my latest food craze is Thai food. K anyway 3 days later and here I am at Thai Table, a 2 months old Thai restaurant near Simpang Bedok. We ordered the set dinner for 2 at $30 and we added $3 for a glass of ice lemongrass tea and a red ruby dessert.

This is the complimentary keropok, unlike most places, this is free!
Complimentary Keropok

Our first dish was the Chicken Feet Salad. I liked the chicken feet salad. The chicken feet has a nice bite to it and the sauce that accompany the salad had the right amount of sourness and spiciness.
Chicken Feet salad

Next was the Tom Yum soup, we requested for the version without coconut milk. I think i would prefered it if it was clearer like the kind you find in Thai Express. There seems to be a hint of tomato in this version. Maybe some would prefer this, but I like my Tom Yum soup with a more obvious taste of Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime leaves and without the sweetness of maybe tomato? Maybe they have adjusted the taste to suit Singaporeans.
Tom Yum soup

The Olive Rice was not bad. In fact i thought it was the best dish.
Olive rice

Next up, mince pork with basil. It was okay if it is eaten together with white rice or even the olive rice, but on its own, it is way too salty, the chef probably added too much soya sauce or fish sauce. An improvement that could be made is by adding more basil leaves. If not it would be just ordinary mince pork.
Mince pork with Basil

Sambal Long beans: Am not a fan of long beans so i cant comment much.
Sambal Long Beans

The last dish was the Chili Prawns. The chili used for the prawns seems to be similar to the one used in the Sambal Long beans... hmmm but well nevertheless it is quite okay. We felt that since there were 2 of us, they should have either given us 2 prawns or 4 prawns. 3 seems to be an awkward number.
Chili Prawns

Finally dessert: Red Ruby. Aye once again, the can coconut milk taste spoil this Thai dessert. I know it is troublesome to have freshly squeeze coconut, but using can coconut milk really spoils the food. Can coconut milk has a weird distinctive smelly coconut oil taste. Hmm not sure if you get what i mean.. but uh well... it is good if one cant tell the difference.
Red Ruby

Overall experience: Not bad, I think it still suffers from some teething problems and is constantly improving based on customers feedback. I gave my feedback about the Basil pork and the Red Ruby, hopefully they would look into it. Service was excellent and attentive. Impressive! I would go back again to give my support for my local community Thai food resturant cos i really do not want to see it fall due to lack of business. This place is one whom i can drop by easily to do take-a-way pad thai and fried rice!

The Thai Table
20 Jalan Pari Burong (near simpang bedok)
opening hours: 11:30-1500, 1730-2200
tel: 64433533


desiree said...

Gotta love simpang bedok! Lived there for a while and can't wait to explore the place again. Thanks for the review. :) An awesome thai place that I found recently is in Pasir ris downtown east run by a lil thai auntie. Kickass tomyum and pad thai that can rival those served in the streets of bangkok. Do try!

Ah Chew said...

WOW! thanks for the recommendation, will be there armed with my camera to try it out very very soon =)

Funnee said...

hi there.. what is the name of the thai place in downtown east? ..will check it out this week :)

Ah Chew said...

Hmm am not sure but i assume is this place in Downtown East call The Basil Inn.

Here is a review of the place