Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big D's Grill revisited

First time visiting Big D's after it had made the move to Holland Drive.
I had the buah Keluak while wei had the Kurabuta pork. We decided to order the Chap Chye to share. Alas I was disappointed, very disappointed with the Buah Keluak. Okay to be fair maybe it was just me, I was not used to the taste, much prefer my mama version of Buah Keluak. The Buah Keluak at Big D's just didnt hit it for me, it is too sweet and there was a hint of coconut, I may be wrong about the 'hint of coconut' but there is just someting that is not right for me. Doesnt have that strong distinctive taste of Buah Keluak. But i guess whatever it is, for $12.90, there was quite a substantial amount of Buah Keluak. We all know that making Buah Keluak is alot of hard work, so well for $12.90 it is quite worth it. But really... it was too sweet! Maybe it would have been better if it was Sambal Ayam Buah Keluak? Instead of a heavy dose of just the nut?
K i shall stop rambling on about Buah Keluak.
I took a cut off Wei's Kurabuta Pork, and i must say i still love it. Tender, sweet (as in meat sweet n not sugar sweet) and juicy. Love the glistening fats that comes coated with the pork. Very nicely grilled, still pinkish n pretty.
Chap Chye was ok. Pretty normal, very home-cooked. But Wei didnt like it, said was too salty. I felt it was kinda overcooked, mashy. BUt yeah... there are many ppl who like chap chye that way.
Because of the unsatfisfying meal and as fate would have it, the XO fishhead staff walked pass our table n i decided to conveniently order a bowl of fish soup. Now.... this is what i call satisfying... This XO fishhead soup really live up to its name, and it still remains as the best fishhead soup in Singapore. Love the obvious, distinctive hint of brandy!

Oh yesh! n guess who was came along and sat beside us during our meal?? Bobby Chinn from World Cafe Asia!!!! haa if only he could erm recruit me and get me to be his food taster. U know like go around the world to reccee the place n eat?

Yeah we did strike up a mini conversation like this:

Me: Oh yeah the chap chye is not from the fishhead stall, it is from Big D.
Bobby: ok (ordered his fish head soup and went to Big D to order chap chye)
Wei and I: (after he ordered his chap chye) Oh actually the chap chye is not very good!
Bobby: Oww why didnt u say so earlier! it cost be $12.90!


Big D
Blk 46 Holland Drive (9662 7040)
Opening hours: 1200-200, 6:30 - 9:30 (Closed for lunch on Thu)

XO Fishhead soup (same cofffee shop)

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