Saturday, February 21, 2009

Fishhead Steamboat

Here is dinner, fish head steamboat at Tampines St 11. Think we should bring our own slices of fish next time, the amount of fish given was pathetic! Nevertheless beggars cant be choosers, this is probably the only edible fish head steamboat around Tampines.


Home made Carrot Cake

Mama decided to cancel her massage session so she made a carrot cake!

Carrot cake with lots of mushroom and chinese sausage!

Simpang Bedok

Was at Simpang Bedok for lunch. Had Tze char at 2 stalls, the Simpang Kitchen - Simpang Bedok Food Centre 02-03 and a Thai Fish Maw and Tom Yam Food stall 02-12.
Here is what we had from Simpang Kitchen - Fried garlic sotong ($8) and butter pork ribs ($10). The fried garlic sotong is certainly the highlight of the meal, eat it while it is hot, after a while due to our high humidity, the garlic loses its crispiness. Very yummy dish that lands you with garlic breath. The butter pork ribs on the other hand was rather ordinary.
Shop front of Thai Fish Maw stall
Here was what we had from the stall
Pad Thai: Pad thai at this stall is definitely much better than the one at Simpang Kitchen
Basil Pork rice - Was quite disappointed in this dish, doesn't really have the basil taste which I love.
Kang Kong, the one at Simpang Kitchen is much better! This one is too salty. I like the one at Simpang kitchen cause of the 'her bee' - shrimp that they fry with.
Fish maw soup

Simpang Kitchen
12-3pm; 6-10pm

Thai Fish Maw and Tom Yam

Tian Tian Seafood Restaurant

Back to pigging out, taking food photo n updating this silly broken blog again!
Here we are at Tian Tian Seafood restaurant, after a disappointing realisation that Por Kee is not opened today! howww unlucky can i get! this is the 2nd time that we are here and I dont get to eat! All Cindy's fault for cursing the restaurant!=( 
Generally the food is not bad, just a little on the salty side. 


I like the bamboo clam with lots of garlic and tang hoon! Delicious!
This is the crispy tou fu that is crispy on the outside, soft on the inside! Of cos best eaten when hot. 
This is not bad too, or rather i am just bias towards kor kee (wolfberries leaves) with 3 eggs. Apparently it is also called matrimony vines with 3 eggs. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

=(Where are my old photos??!

Where are my old photos blogggeerr!!! What happen?! Give an answer! HAi! maybe it is time to start afresh with new photos, new makan places, n revisit old makan places for food photo!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Testing Testing!

Whats wrong with my blogger account??! why cant i see my old photos anymore =( anyway posting a photo of my cousin's little one to test the photo function and errr of cos to make myself less upset about the lost of my photos on blogger =(

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hokkaido Part 2

One of our buffet BBQ lunch:
Here is my first dish and this is what Hokkaido is famous for, Japanse Curry!