Friday, May 30, 2008

Cambodia Trip

Singing and playing with the children at the T-House. T stands for Transformation. 
Angkor Wat - road to paradise
This is our fantastic team 
Stoned face? Teaches you the true meaning of stoning... (it is an inside joke)
The hidden smile at Ta Phrom
Fishing at Tonle Sap
Little boy at the dumpsite

Angkor Wat  at the start of the rainy season

My meals in Cambodia

My Silk Air Meal to Phnom Penh - means Hill of Penh. Breakfast: Chicken noodles and my favourite warm aircraft bread =)
Our first meal in Phomn Penh at a Malaysian restaurant. We could pick any 3 dishes
This is what i picked! Should have chosen the chicken instead, the stingray tasted weird.
Dinner, Seafood noodles soup
Lunch at Lakeside T-House
Dinner: Grilled Lemon Chicken rice
Lunch at Baray T-House. Fish curry, Morning glory aka Kang Kong and deep fried mushrooms. It was a strange lunch with some pple declaring that they have never eaten rambutans before, some have not eaten bananas before and some have no idea how to go about eating rambutans. Oh yes! and some not knowing what is a common spoon and the purpose of one... hmmm...
Dinner on our own at Dragon Soup restaurant, Siem Reap - means Defeat of the Siamese
A snack that we ate along our way to Lake Tongle Sap. coconut rice with red bean in Bamboo.

Our lunch at Kleang village in Tongle Sap. Yet again... Morning glory, grilled snakehead fish and fried dont know what fish
Part of our buffet Apsara dinner. My beef pho.
Fruity spread
Cambodian noodles which was surprisingly good. 
My final meal... lunch on board silk air back to Singapore, Curry chicken rice

Monday, May 19, 2008

Off to Cambodia!

Going off to Cambodia for a week! See Ya!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Final Random photo: Crystal Jade Korean n Tom Tom

A and i found $100, R said that we had to spend it asap... so here i spent it on a $50 meal... Tom Tom black Pig at Central.
Very juicy, succulent piece of pork. Fatty but very as the Teo chews say 'Pang'
Another Big Pig meal with A. Korean food at Crystal Jade Takashimaya. We ordered a set menu for 3-4 for the 2 of us. 

Random Photos part 5: Island Creamery

As usual, i had the ice cream with Brownie, Lm had the mudpie... 
Serene Centre


Random Photos Part 4: Greenwood Fish Market

This was one day after our adventure at Morton's
Lw had the beer battered fish and chips
I had the the crumbled John Dory Fish and Chip
This was Christmas 2007

Random photos part 3: Tony Romas

My 2 servings of Bake beans and my Full Slab of Ribs. LM and i decided that half a slab is too pathetic!
Leftovers anyone?

Morton's of Chicago

These too were just extracted from my old phone. Went to Morton's 3 times. So here is what i had. First time i went i had the porterhouse, too bad no photos tho... 
K the photos i kinda random... so bear with it

LW likes potatoes... so yup, we ordered potatoes
This i believe is the filet Mignon, which i am rather disappointed with. Yup yup i know it is suppose to be a 'healthy' portion of the beef, the special, rare portion of the tenderloin, with little fats, but i didn't expect it to be so healthy that it turned out pretty tough or should i say muscular.
Looks like I am eating raw beef yah?
The famous Hot Chocolate Cake, can't remember its name. Yes it is heavenly! for the price of $24 it got to be heavenly!
This piece was eaten during my second outing at Morton's the US Prime Ribs! YES this is a perfect piece!! of cos for $95! Really melts in your mouth, it is so tender, so full of flavour. The only thing was that i was too greedy, i thought, hmm so expensive, 100gm of fats must have cost $6, better eat them all up... alas! i felt like puking at the end of the meal! I need to learn to share my food ;P

Had this crab cake with LW.
On my third visit, I had the filet Mignon, while Lw had the rib eye. I must say i prefer her rib eye to my mignon. This time round i was not as greedy, decided to cut my Mignon into half and doggy bag home for Bro.

Random food Photos Part 1

I decided to blog a series of photos that i took with my old phone sony k800i. Don't waste the food photographs =) Finally overcome the inertia of transferring the photos to my laptop.

1st up: Wacha, 14 Ann Siang Road Tel: 64381553. Had this with LW

Sun with Moon, Wheelock. 

Putien, Kitchener Road

Pasta Waraku, Marina Square, LM plate of Carbonara, i must have eaten mine before i could snap a photo