Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nasi Padang River Valley

Saw the raves and reviews of this Nasi Padang stall on some blog sites, decided to skip over to try while on my way to River Valley. 

Had the famous beef rendang, sambal long bean with tempeh, potato cutlet and achar. Love the gravy and chili that went along with it, like the beef rendang gravy but not the actual beef itself, was quite tough i thought. Dishes were also generally cold, maybe cos it was at an off peak hr .. uh well


Bee said...

I am hate this blog!!! Wa piang I am drooling here lor. I miss Singapore food!!! :(

Anonymous said...

heee the photo of the nasi padang is so awful also can make u drool tsk tsk...
my habit of mixing n tossing my food until its messy but yummy!