Saturday, May 10, 2008

Li Bai part 2

Very very quickly came the next dish deep fried goose roll. The dishes came so fast that B commented that it feels a little like eating in a cze char stall! Tsk tsk, Li Bai manager, pls take note! It was so fast that i didnt have the time to savour and slowly taste the food. KK now i must tell you about a habit of mine, i love my food hot! And to have it reallly hot and fresh i need to devour it as soon as it lands in front of me (k this is my silly theory), I hate it when food is left cold, especially fried food. And yes, ramen needs to be eaten within 10 mins, so never go to a ramen place with a friend you have not met for months, slowly eat and talk and talk and eat.. that is a no no! k back to my dim sum at Li bai =) Sorry for the digression.

I dont like this dish, i cant taste any of the so called goose, in fact i felt that it is a little oil and hmm tasteless. 
Egg tarts! I left the egg tarts to the last so it wasnt that hot and crispy when i ate it. Have tasted better egg tart at Lei Gardens. Egg tart reminds me of pig.. not the real pig but my friend the pig.
M ordered 2 plates of noodles, one udon (which i wallop before remembering that i had to take a photo) and this the Seafood fish noodle. Both noodles were disappointing. Very normal, can find anywhere in any cantonese restaurant. 
After we ate our supposedly last dish, AY commented 'Hey how come there are no normal dim sum like har gao and siew mai!' and we all went "YAH hor!"... we definitely had to order the normal dim sum as a yardstick to compare the quality of one dim sum dining to another dim sum dining. I remembered telling someone in order to do a comparison of dim sum places, the 'must' orders are har gao,  siew mai and char siew bao.
Char Siew bao... so so 

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