Friday, May 9, 2008

Big Eater Seafood Restaurant

Had dinner at Big Eater Restaurant. We came here specially for the Hokkien mee, ordered the large portion but too bad probably due to miscommunication, the medium sized was given to us instead. Love the goey noodles with lots of vinegar and yes yummy crispy lard!
We ordered other dishes like the SpareRib King (was ok) Fu Pi Juan and bittergourd with salted egg but was disappointed. Bittergourd hardly had any taste of salted egg, what we got was just a mess of egg whites. Maybe it wldnt be so bad if i hadnt had the best bittergourd and salted egg dish in Taiwan. That was my first taste of bittergourd, and yes i have come to accept bittergourd as part of my limited selection of veggies that i eat. So yup, conclusion just stick to the hokkien mee. I have yet to try the crabs, maybe the crab would be good, then again i am not so much of a crab person. Too much effort, too little taste. I love chilli crab though, for the gravy. 
Oh in case you are wondering, hmm where are the other photos of the other dishes, as usual we started eating them before i could remember to take a picture. 

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