Saturday, May 10, 2008

Li Bai part 3

Siew Mai with caviar and scallop i believe? again it was 'so-so' I mean it is good! but not like to die for 
Yes i love the polo bun! i love the crust, but too bad the char siew inside was a little too salty. Am a pure teo chew 'ah nia', its inherent in me to have a bland tongue, so usually i complain of food being too salty. Yes this is subjective. Nevertheless thumbs up for the polo bun. Very crispy crust!
Finally after the 'normal' dim sum, its down to dessert, firstly mango pudding. Not too bad, thick chunky mangoes!
Most of us opted for the mango sago pomelo, it is usually my favourite dessert in a cantonese restaurant, but too bad this is really disappointing. Tasted much better ones in Hong Kong and in Singapore, you can find better ones in Lei Garden, Hua Ting Orchard hotel and even small dessert shops in Chinatown. I even suspect those cha chan teng sells this dessert comparable to the one we had today. 
All of us wanted the mango sago pomelo, thankfully M decided that we should have a variety, so she opted for the chin chow with aloe vera. As ordinary as it sounds, i prefer this to any of the desserts we ordered. The mint leaf really enhances the dessert, gives it a minty tinge that is not too overpowering. I do not really know how to describe,but in short, the myriad of tastes just tingles your taste buds! Oh but i am sure people who do not like the taste of mint wouldn't appreciate it as much as i do!

Overall experience, not too bad, I love the company! Food wise comparable to Lei Garden though i expected much better food from Li Bai.  If you are thinking of dining at Li Bai, please do not order your food all at one go, the speed at which they serve is so fast you will have to gobble your food to keep it warm! Order bit by bit!

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