Sunday, May 18, 2008

Morton's of Chicago

These too were just extracted from my old phone. Went to Morton's 3 times. So here is what i had. First time i went i had the porterhouse, too bad no photos tho... 
K the photos i kinda random... so bear with it

LW likes potatoes... so yup, we ordered potatoes
This i believe is the filet Mignon, which i am rather disappointed with. Yup yup i know it is suppose to be a 'healthy' portion of the beef, the special, rare portion of the tenderloin, with little fats, but i didn't expect it to be so healthy that it turned out pretty tough or should i say muscular.
Looks like I am eating raw beef yah?
The famous Hot Chocolate Cake, can't remember its name. Yes it is heavenly! for the price of $24 it got to be heavenly!
This piece was eaten during my second outing at Morton's the US Prime Ribs! YES this is a perfect piece!! of cos for $95! Really melts in your mouth, it is so tender, so full of flavour. The only thing was that i was too greedy, i thought, hmm so expensive, 100gm of fats must have cost $6, better eat them all up... alas! i felt like puking at the end of the meal! I need to learn to share my food ;P

Had this crab cake with LW.
On my third visit, I had the filet Mignon, while Lw had the rib eye. I must say i prefer her rib eye to my mignon. This time round i was not as greedy, decided to cut my Mignon into half and doggy bag home for Bro.

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liwei said...

wah... honoured that i have several mentions to my name! hahaha. And yes, i LOVE potatoes! i stand by my conclusion that the potatoes was the best part of the Morton's meal!