Saturday, May 10, 2008

Li Bai Sheraton Towers

Had dim sum branch at Li Bai today, its been a while since i last ate dim sum at an exquisite restaurant. Started off with appetizer, yam chips. Not many places serve yam chips as an appetizer. It was nice and crispy! Kind of addictive!

Next was Fried cod roll with golden mushrooms. This was my favourite dish.
Very quickly came the crystal dumpling with vegetable. This is good too, the skin is gooey like shui jing bao, if you are not a gooey person you might find this gross, but i love the mix of both the 'gooeiness' and the crunchiness of the vegetable inside, especially the mushrooms. 
The rice roll with cha siew was smooth though a little ordinary. 
This is the drunken chicken with jelly fish.
K this is the maximum number of photos i can upload with one posting, tune in for more...

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