Friday, May 30, 2008

Cambodia Trip

Singing and playing with the children at the T-House. T stands for Transformation. 
Angkor Wat - road to paradise
This is our fantastic team 
Stoned face? Teaches you the true meaning of stoning... (it is an inside joke)
The hidden smile at Ta Phrom
Fishing at Tonle Sap
Little boy at the dumpsite

Angkor Wat  at the start of the rainy season


Wrapping SOGGY SAHM! said...

oi, these pics were taken by you ah? very good and professional looking! so much so that my husband INSISTS i ask what brand/model is your camera ;) sms me!

AhChew said...

Hhahaha i was wondering who is this person.. its UUU! u gt ur baby blog up after my wise suggestions!

anyway it is a panasonic fz18.. point n shoot