Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My first entry

K this is my very first entry, is it my first blog? erm yes n no.. i rem i started off long time ago with this online diary thing like hmm 6 years back... bt as a formal blog, i guess this is my first.

yes its exams time, i shldnt be doing this, wasting my time, but precisely i am bored... i shld be spending my time on other more impt things but reading thru tons n tons of food blog, i am inspired to keep one of my own.

People have said to me many times " hey u eat sooo much, u shld start a blog" k 2 things to clarify... i dont eat THAT much, i jus read Alot of food... =) n yes i have contemplated on starting a blog many times, but firstly , i dont exactly like to write and i am not a good writer, secondly, i usually finish my food then exclaimed 'ah! forgot to take a photo!!!' it happens way too many times!

I love to eat and i am grouchy when i go hungry... boooo

k so here is to my first entry.. haa hopefully not the last!


Anonymous said...

finally you get your foodie bloggie going, so i shall post a comment..


ok, done ;)



Anonymous said...

haaa silly girl!