Friday, March 27, 2009

Sushi Tei@Big Splash... again...

Once again, here i am at my favourite restaurant, Sushi Tei for its melt-in-your mouth, ever lovely unagi roll. But of cos other than Unagi roll, we had other dishes too. But it is alway the same old unagi roll n sashimi salad that is a MUST for us.

so here are some photos again...
This is the season special: Collagen Salmon Belly Nabe. I love the salmon belly! but be careful not to cook it too long.
Salmon Belly Nabe

here is the ever delicious sashimi salad
Sashimi Salad

the fried salmon cheek
Fried Salmon

my all time favourite
Unagi Roll

This was a rather disappointing dish. It is almost tasteless, really no taste of salmon, or anything at all... strange
Aburi Salmon roll

Very refreshing dessert to end the meal - Yuzu sherbet
Yuzu Sherbet

Thursday, March 26, 2009

En Dining @ Crown Centre

Had a rather delicious, scrumptious dinner at En Dining. A Japanese Ala-Carte buffet outlet which serves food of rather high standard, even the presentation was pleasant for a buffet restaurant.
Of course we had more food than this, but well... decided to stop taking photos and start enjoying my food!

This is one of the cold dish that we had, century egg cold toufu. Very refreshing as an appetizer, and it is very eggy. Century eggs lover will definitely love this dish!
En Dining@Crown Centre
The sashimi was very fresh and slices of salmon were thick.
En Dining@Crown Centre
This is the beef carpaccio which is not bad. In fact this is my first time eating beef carpaccio.
En Dining@Crown Centre
Our shabu shabu pork slices
En Dining@Crown Centre
Bittergourd with egg, nothing spectacular, was curious so wanted to try it out
En Dining@Crown Centre
OOooo this has got to be my favourite dish of the night. It looks rather ordinary but looks can be deceiving! This is the ungai fried rice, the unagi in the rice really enhances the flavour of the rice. Very addictive dish, in fact it was this dish that fills me up big time cause i couldnt stop eating it. Maybe that was the intention, give you a very good rice dish and fill you up so that you will stop eating other more expensive dishes.
En Dining@Crown Centre
This is part of our Shabu Shabu
En Dining@Crown Centre
The very fatty Dong Po Rou, Pork Belly, which platy couldnt stop eating and once she decided that she had enough, she was sick! Her artery must have felt clogged.
En Dining@Crown Centre
The lovely beef slices for the beef sukiyaki
En Dining@Crown Centre
The rather ordinary teriyaki chicken.
En Dining@Crown Centre

You can choose between the Beef Shabu Shabu and Beef Sukiyaki. Both are part of the ala-carte buffet. It was about $50 per head. Cant remember the exact price though.

En Japanese Dining Bar @ Bukit Timah
Crown Centre
Tel: 6468 5710
Mon - Thu: 6-11pm
Fri - Sun, Ph: 12-3; 6-11pm

Monday, March 16, 2009

Zhou Kitchen @ Square 2

Went for the Hi-Tea at Zhou Kitchen, it is pretty worth it, but there were many people, the food orders can get really slow and some didnt even have the opportunity to make an appearance on our table. Anyway not much comments about the food, overall was okay. $12.80 +++, total bill ended up at about $20 including the drinks etc that is not included in the buffet.

The keropok was on the table when we step into the restaurant
Zhou Kitchen
The Siew Mai was not bad, could taste the nice crunchy prawns
Zhou Kitchen
Jelly fish with boiled pork
Zhou Kitchen
Pork rib was ordinary, then again i think pork rib anywhere taste the same to me, not a fan of this
Zhou Kitchen

Zhou Kitchen
Oh the egg tart was good! the pastry was nice and fluffy and the best thing is that it is hot!
Zhou Kitchen
char siew sou
Zhou Kitchen
carrot cake
Zhou Kitchen
Toufu with Mince pork (zha jiang)
Zhou Kitchen
Fried fish skin
Century egg porridge with pathetic amount of century eggs
Zhou Kitchen
Ngor Hiang
Zhou Kitchen
Black sesame paste
Zhou Kitchen
Spring roll
Zhou Kitchen
Mee Goreng
Zhou Kitchen
Rice ball with black sesame
Mango Pomela which was horrible. Where is the mango? where is the pomelo?
Prawn Paste Chicken which i like!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pho Hoa @ Holland Village

Met friend at Holland V for another pig out session. Decided to have pho cos it is supposed to be healthy! BUT of cos i was wrong again, the bowl of beef pho that i ordered was rather fatty and oily. Oh it is of no one's fault but mine, I wanted to be greedy and decided that I should order the most extensive bowl of beef pho with the tripe, brisket, beef flank, beef ball etc etc. SO yes! end product was a rather oily but yummy bowl of pho. The humble calamansi of course added to the fragrance, the aroma of the wonderfully flavoured bowl of pho. Actually when it comes to pho i really cant tell a bad one from a good one. WHY? cause the amount of calamansi and basil leaves that i request for basically mask the taste of its original flavour. Moreover Pho Hoa provides cut chili padi which steers away from the typical pho that you get in vietnam, especially if you are like me who relish on chili padi! Well.. in this age of globalisation, i decided to 'localised' a global food - pho - by adding my chili padi

k so here is my bowl of pho:
Looks can be deceiving! I know it looks oily and unappetizing.

Fren had the dry vermicelli with grilled chicken, cant rem what is it called in Vietnamese. Anyway according to her it is not bad, but the chicken is a little too dry and tough.

Oh and how can i forget my avocado shake. K i am now into the avocado shake craze cos apparently avocado is good for the skin, the face =) BUT i must say the best avocado shake i have tried is the one at ALexander Village, Mr Avocado.

18 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


SO here begins my weeklong of feasting! too bad only have photos for this, the rest of the places are just waaaaayy too dark =( what a pity!
The only good thing was that there is a 20% discount with civil service club!
Everything can be described in one word, SALTY!
the butter squid which was highly recommended by reviewers was very salty, maybe becos of the salted egg yolk, but nevertheless it is too salty, especially since we did not have white rice to go with it, we had the olive rice instead.
The broccoli with crab was also very salty =/ I mean it isnt too bad, but well, just too salty for our tastbuds.
Honey chicken: too dry and tough, nothing special
Herbal frog leg was so-so, not fantastic, tasted much better herbal soup even in coffeeshops.
We had the toufu with golden mushroom instead of the recommended toufu with chicken floss, maybe we should have gone with whatever that was recommended, but wanted something lighter, not fried, so opted for the golden mushroom, it is again a rather ordinary dish.
Pad Thai: also not very good, tasted more like normal fried kway teow/mee/kway teow goreng.. whatever, it resembles nothing like the Thailand version of padthai. Maybe because it is too sweet, too much ketchup? Well one thing is they should have used the thai lime instead of the usual small dark green lime. I think the thai lime would have given it a distinctive fragrance.
Finally Olive rice: For $1 what more can i ask for? it is not bad i must say, although no taste of olive, but for $1 it is a steal! I like the idea of having mince meat at the side to complement the rice.

Maybe maybe I would go back again someday and give it a second chance, maybe maybe maybe it was just today that the food somehow just wasnt able to live up to expectations.

hmm btw can someone enlighten me, why is my photo soooo yellow?
2 Netheravon Road
Civil Service Club (Changi Village)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Mama is on MC again, cant seem to recover from her cough and running nose, so anyway she is at home and up and about cooking delicious dinner. Here is tonight dinner, Hor Fun

New York New York@AMK hub

Went to AMK hub, not knowing what to eat, so here we are at New York New York. I had the roasterie chicken (whole), opted for the whole so that it would look nicer on photo =) yesh! i am just greedy!
New York New York
Pig had the Cheesy Chicken, a Huge chicken thigh covered and roasted with cheese.
New York New York
Ordered the mudpie for desserts, eeww this is horrible, more like a sponge cake than a mud pie. I thought mudpies are supposed to be 3layers/blocks of icecream?!
New York New York