Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy 1mth old Alicia!

My cousin's little baby 1 month old birthday! Happy Birthday Alicia!

Poor girl, always having interrupted sleep because of us wanting to play with her!

Looking thoughtful after her hair cut...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jade Garden @ Desaru

This is our spontaneous, 'nuah' and 'eat air' trip to Desaru with Ms W, Ms S, Ms L and Mr L.
Our dinner stop is at a restaurant in Sungei Ringgit (30km from Desaru), recommended by the hotel staff at Pulai Desaru. 

Our first course: Herbal Chicken Soup. We all agree that the soup would have been much better if they didnt add corn starch and let it remain as a clear soup. Courtesy of Mr L, I got the 'dark side' of the chicken which i love! My favourite part of the chicken-drumstick! The chicken looks nice yah?
The toufu dish was one of the recommended dish, not bad too! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.
I love oat meal prawns, but somehow this is disappointing. Had a very buttery aftertaste that reeks of 'used oil' 
Sambal Kang Kong, well you cant really go wrong with this if u have the right belachan. 
The restaurant, or rather most seafood restaurants in Sungei Ringgit is famous for its lobster. Actually i wonder if they are really lobster or just different species of crayfish. Slipper lobster maybe? uh well... anyway we all agree that the lobster meat is QQ, fresh and i guess pretty worth it! =) I personally love the sauce, hmm wonder what has been added into it. 
We had Orh Ngee for dessert, well in fact this is the only dessert in the restaurant. Really quite good, especially with pumpkin. 
Now this is the breakdown of our meal for the sake of people who are intending to take a short trip to sungei ringgit. 

54, Jalan Kerisi, Sungai Rengit,
81620 Pegerang, Johor
07-826 5460
07-826 6460
07-826 4460

Opening Hours: 11:00am - 11:30pm

Friday, December 26, 2008

A late Christmas Dinner @ Jln Kayu

A late christmas dinner with friend at Jln Kayu. 
The satay was quite tasty, although it would have been better if the meat was thicker, more solid. Nevertheless i like the satay, maybe it is the marinate that gives it the yummy flavour.
Our egg, cheese, mushroom and onion roti prata that i felt was a disaster! the dough was wayyyyyy to thick! but then again with the amount of ingredients that go into the prata, it is no surprise that they had to make it this thick n large! next time i shall just stick to normal plain prata! sigghh n i tot jln kayu was famous for roti prata. 
Cafeela Seafood Restaurant
254 Jalan Kayu
24 Hours

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beef noodles@ Macpherson Road

Beef noodles at Macpherson Road. Main road, between Jackson Centre and POSB. Quite yummy

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ah Chiang Porridge

 My last post before i fly off to Japan... short one... too lazy! Yu Sheng ($2)

Fish Belly porridge ($3.50) with extra fish skin ($1)
sigh... why do people add spring onions to my porridge despite me reminding them not to?
Dosage if Collagen

Sadly this place used to be much better before the new owner took over. But then again it is one of the very few places that serve fish belly porridge!

Blk 65 Tiong Poh Road 01-38
Tel: 65570084
700-1500, 1800-2400
Close on Mon

Blk 134 Geylang East Ave 1

Whampoa China Home Made noodles

Once again... had to satisfy my craving for hand-made noodles, so whampoa here we come!
This is the Prawn bean flour noodles... hmm should have just stick to my usual yu mian. Bean flour noodles taste kinda weird, with a sweet tinge to it. Oh i added kidney to it, yummy, i love kidney.
This is the usual fish slice yu mian. 

This is the soya bean stall from the same market. Very soft, smooth and silky bean curd. Bean curd is much better than the soya bean drink, soya bean drink taste normal, but the bean curd is simply wonderful! Better than rochor soya bean. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hong Lim FC

This is one hor fun that I have been eating since I was a little kid. Hong Lim market for me = to Crayfish hor fun. I remember I used to come here for this when I was a little kid. A generous portion of hor fun, crayfish and prawns for $4.

I  must have said this before, this brand of bak chor mee 'Tai Wah' is my favourite bak chor mee stall. First time eating tai wah noodles at Hong Lim mkt. Not sure if this is related to the one at Crawford Lane, but it taste almost the same. The noodles that i had here was more al dente than the one at Crawford Lane. The other difference is that this one is cheaper than at Crawford Lane. Crawford Lane sells bak chor mee at $4, $5, $6. Hong Lim sells similar bak chor mee at $3, $4, $5.

The big piece of 'ti po'!  
If you are a big eater, go for the $5! The $3 one is way to little! The soup version here is also very good. Very very tasty, very fresh ingredients!
Opening hours: 11am - 7:30pm

As we were siting just opposite Outram Park Char Kway Teow, we couldn't resist the temptation and ordered a $2.50 plate of char kway teow with extra cockles for $1. 

Very yummy cockles! 
Outram Park Char Kway Teow
Opening hours: 
7:00 - 3:30
Close on Sunday and Public Holidays

Monday, December 1, 2008

Very popular dinner place in the East: Feng Shan Market, Bedok North Blk 85.

This is from the BBQ stall, Lovely Seafood. 

There are 3 bak chor mee (mince pork noodles) stalls that are very popular in the market, but apparently this is the original stall - Ah Poh bak chor mee. It is in the second row.. hmm or is it the third row? Uh well.. whatever it is, it is not the 2 stalls facing the main road. The story goes like this, Ah Poh used to be in the row facing the main road, but because it was making very good business, earning lots of $$$, the stall owner eyes got a little green and decided to raise the rental. He refuses to budge and pay more, so he moved to the back. On the other hand, the original stall was taken over by the owner who started his own bak chor mee. 

This is from the Newton, Hokkien Prawn Mee stall. We thought it tasted a little bit too blend, too healthy!
Was deciding between having a plate of 10 chicken wings or a spring chicken. Decided on the latter, so here it is. 
Aye, after consuming this poor spring chicken, we felt we should have ordered chicken wings instead. The breast meat of this little chicken is way to dry. 
Our 30 sticks of satays, 10 chicken, 10 mutton, 10 pork. My favourite is the chicken satay. What i love most about this satay is the pineapple sauce that comes with the gravy.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ikan Bilis Carrot Cake and Fan Choy

Read a very positive, highly rated carrot cake stall from Ieatishoot blog, unfortunately we were sorely disappointed. The carrot cake was dry and too salty. Didn't have the ohhmp that I derive from some carrot cake. 
Very healthy tasting plate of carrot cake. 
Pop over the next stall to get the fan choy, yes i would say this is not bad. The slices of char siew were thick and juicy, the rice was wet and sticky, just the way I like it. 
Golden City Carrot Cake and Hong Ho Phang Hong Kong Pao
1 Telok Kurau Road

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sushi Tei revisited

One of my favourite Japanese restaurants.
And this is one of my must-order everytime I am here! 

oooo I love cold Ramen! Or rather Ramen in all forms! As long as there isnt any spring onions, bean sprouts and parsley. 
Another of my die die must order in Sushi tei! This is even more 'die die' must order compared to the Soft Shell Crab handroll.

Fragrant fried rice with crab meat and salmon roe! Oishi!
Such lovely pieces of unagi!
Ooops! i realise i forgot to capture a photo of the sukiyaki beef pot! ahh what a pity! 

Sushi Tei Paragon
11:30 - 22:00
No reservation