Monday, December 1, 2008

Very popular dinner place in the East: Feng Shan Market, Bedok North Blk 85.

This is from the BBQ stall, Lovely Seafood. 

There are 3 bak chor mee (mince pork noodles) stalls that are very popular in the market, but apparently this is the original stall - Ah Poh bak chor mee. It is in the second row.. hmm or is it the third row? Uh well.. whatever it is, it is not the 2 stalls facing the main road. The story goes like this, Ah Poh used to be in the row facing the main road, but because it was making very good business, earning lots of $$$, the stall owner eyes got a little green and decided to raise the rental. He refuses to budge and pay more, so he moved to the back. On the other hand, the original stall was taken over by the owner who started his own bak chor mee. 

This is from the Newton, Hokkien Prawn Mee stall. We thought it tasted a little bit too blend, too healthy!
Was deciding between having a plate of 10 chicken wings or a spring chicken. Decided on the latter, so here it is. 
Aye, after consuming this poor spring chicken, we felt we should have ordered chicken wings instead. The breast meat of this little chicken is way to dry. 
Our 30 sticks of satays, 10 chicken, 10 mutton, 10 pork. My favourite is the chicken satay. What i love most about this satay is the pineapple sauce that comes with the gravy.

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