Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ikan Bilis Carrot Cake and Fan Choy

Read a very positive, highly rated carrot cake stall from Ieatishoot blog, unfortunately we were sorely disappointed. The carrot cake was dry and too salty. Didn't have the ohhmp that I derive from some carrot cake. 
Very healthy tasting plate of carrot cake. 
Pop over the next stall to get the fan choy, yes i would say this is not bad. The slices of char siew were thick and juicy, the rice was wet and sticky, just the way I like it. 
Golden City Carrot Cake and Hong Ho Phang Hong Kong Pao
1 Telok Kurau Road

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sushi Tei revisited

One of my favourite Japanese restaurants.
And this is one of my must-order everytime I am here! 

oooo I love cold Ramen! Or rather Ramen in all forms! As long as there isnt any spring onions, bean sprouts and parsley. 
Another of my die die must order in Sushi tei! This is even more 'die die' must order compared to the Soft Shell Crab handroll.

Fragrant fried rice with crab meat and salmon roe! Oishi!
Such lovely pieces of unagi!
Ooops! i realise i forgot to capture a photo of the sukiyaki beef pot! ahh what a pity! 

Sushi Tei Paragon
11:30 - 22:00
No reservation

Friday, November 28, 2008

Changi Village Beef noodles and Carrot Cake

We needed some sustenance before beating the crowd at Sitex, so we headed off to one of my favourite food centre - Changi Village. Love the carrot cake, beef noodles, chicken chop noodles, wanton mee, peanut pancake, bittergourd fishhead, tze char stall (at the other building - the more deserted one).
Anyway there were only 2 of us, so i could only order the carrot cake to share and the beef noodles for myself while Pig had the Nasi Lemak.
I like this very fragrant carrot cake, with its crunchy chai po and just the right amount of sweet sauce. 
One of my favourite beef noodles stall, the gravy are unlike the ones that you get at some food court, starchy and msg-laden. This seems more 'real', more beefy. The only pity is that it doesnt have the thick bee hoon version, only kway teow, bee hoon and yellow mee. Since there is no thick bee hoon, my only option is kway teow... felt that the kway teow tends to be sticky, mushy n glooey with the dry version of the beef noodles. And especially for me, I tend to take some time removing the parsley and taking photos, by the time i decided to sink my teeth into my food, it is even stickier, mushier and 'glooeier'. Nevertheless, I love this bowl of beef noodles. Ahh for the record, i love beef noodles!

Beef Kway Teow
Changi Village Food Centre

*correction* i think they do sell the thick bee hoon version, maybe it was just sold out! hmm

Thursday, November 27, 2008

China Whampoa Home Made Noodle

My all time favourite home made noodle aka 'ban mian, yu mian' stall! Both dry and soup version is fantastic, not the kind which leaves you thirsty n consume with msg taste!
Had the Fish slice Yu Mian, dry version, very powerful chili! Ikan Bilis is crispy n not as salty as what you get at some stalls. The noodles is springy, not like some places where it is a little too mushy. Fish slices are thick and fresh!
Different angles of my noodles! 
Usually I would have the dry version and friend would take the soup version, but today both of us had the dry version, so well... no photos of the soup version, was kind of tempted to go to the lady beside us and ask if i could capture a photo of her noodles! 
The noodles when it is well-mixed!
China Whampoa Home Made Noodles
Whampoa Market (the less crowded, morning market, not the one with the famous hoover rojak)
Tues-Sunday: 700-1400

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ristorante Da Valentino

Nice and cosy little place, in the corner of Rifle Range Road. This places feels like the kitchen of some Italian household. Food may not be the best, but i like the ambience. It would have been better if they didnt have the 2 seating policy where you have to dine between 600 to 830, 830 - 1030. So if i arrive at 730, i need to leave by 830? hmmm

Being a carbo-addict, i love the bun. 
Calamari was juicy n springy, love it!
This is my main, i should heed my friend's advice and stop trying to order weird food. K this is not exactly weird, but i really didnt like the mushy hand-made linguine. When the server came around to ask how was the food, i gave a weak smile n an 'ok' which of course wasnt very convincing so he asked what was wrong and i just had to tell him that the linguine was too mushy. Anyway he explained that all hand-made noodles cannot be done al dente. So well... what have i learnt? Never to order hand-made pasta anymore. Yes! i love hand-made ban mian, but no more hand-made pasta!
My friend ordered the stew pork linguine. Hmm eh friend! what is the exact name of your dish huh? anyway how was it? I think the stew pork was yummy, but after a while it is just too 'jerlat'
Pictures were shot in low lighting, so ISO was adjusted to its maximum, hence the noisy photo. Sighhh sitex tomorrow, craving for a Nikon D90! Strangle Me! I need to save money!

Tues - Sunday: 1200 - 1430, 1800 - 2230
11 Jln Binka
Mayfair Park
Please call at least 3 days in advance for reservation

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crystal Jade

In the mood for Chinese food, so Crystal Jade here we come:
This is what we had amongst the 3 of us.
The kidney, liver and pork ball porridge
Prawn with egg and crabmeat, i think
The spinach with 3 eggs. I wish they had added in more century eggs. Still prefer the Pu Tien version. 
The black pepper Udon with chicken, was kinda disappointed in this... used to be much better.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hopped to Maxwell market for our favourite Tian Tian Chicken and Zhen Zhen porridge. Both stalls had long queue on a Saturday afternoon, had to queue up for about 20minutes for the half-chicken that we wanted and about 45minutes for the fish belly porridge.
Yummy yum yum. Actually it looks much better than it tastes, the magic of this chicken rice stall lies not really in the chicken but in the chilli sauce. As for the chicken i thought the margaret drive one is comparable to this. And yesh! i dont like my chicken deboned, unfortunately this plate of half-chicken we had was deboned. 

We ordered the chicken without the rice cause we were planning to eat zhen zhen porridge, maybe it would do greater justice to Tian Tian if we were to eat the chicken with the rice. 
The super long queue, zhen zhen porridge. 
One plate of Yu Sheng ($3)

My plate of Fish Belly porridge without its yucky spring onion. 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Whole Earth

It's been a while since i last update my blog. Well... busy and lazy.. anyway still struck by the lazy bug, so here are some photos, with minimum number of words.

This is the wolfberries vegetable soup
This is the monkey head mushroom.. not bad, but pretty costly.

Our vegetarian curry fish.
This is my favourite dish! the vegetarian version of the oh-so-yummy toufu cereal prawn with curry leaves

Our plate of Olive Rice
The Whole Earth 
593 Geylang Road
Between Lor 29 and 31