Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ristorante Da Valentino

Nice and cosy little place, in the corner of Rifle Range Road. This places feels like the kitchen of some Italian household. Food may not be the best, but i like the ambience. It would have been better if they didnt have the 2 seating policy where you have to dine between 600 to 830, 830 - 1030. So if i arrive at 730, i need to leave by 830? hmmm

Being a carbo-addict, i love the bun. 
Calamari was juicy n springy, love it!
This is my main, i should heed my friend's advice and stop trying to order weird food. K this is not exactly weird, but i really didnt like the mushy hand-made linguine. When the server came around to ask how was the food, i gave a weak smile n an 'ok' which of course wasnt very convincing so he asked what was wrong and i just had to tell him that the linguine was too mushy. Anyway he explained that all hand-made noodles cannot be done al dente. So well... what have i learnt? Never to order hand-made pasta anymore. Yes! i love hand-made ban mian, but no more hand-made pasta!
My friend ordered the stew pork linguine. Hmm eh friend! what is the exact name of your dish huh? anyway how was it? I think the stew pork was yummy, but after a while it is just too 'jerlat'
Pictures were shot in low lighting, so ISO was adjusted to its maximum, hence the noisy photo. Sighhh sitex tomorrow, craving for a Nikon D90! Strangle Me! I need to save money!

Tues - Sunday: 1200 - 1430, 1800 - 2230
11 Jln Binka
Mayfair Park
Please call at least 3 days in advance for reservation

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