Monday, November 24, 2008

Hopped to Maxwell market for our favourite Tian Tian Chicken and Zhen Zhen porridge. Both stalls had long queue on a Saturday afternoon, had to queue up for about 20minutes for the half-chicken that we wanted and about 45minutes for the fish belly porridge.
Yummy yum yum. Actually it looks much better than it tastes, the magic of this chicken rice stall lies not really in the chicken but in the chilli sauce. As for the chicken i thought the margaret drive one is comparable to this. And yesh! i dont like my chicken deboned, unfortunately this plate of half-chicken we had was deboned. 

We ordered the chicken without the rice cause we were planning to eat zhen zhen porridge, maybe it would do greater justice to Tian Tian if we were to eat the chicken with the rice. 
The super long queue, zhen zhen porridge. 
One plate of Yu Sheng ($3)

My plate of Fish Belly porridge without its yucky spring onion. 

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