Friday, November 28, 2008

Changi Village Beef noodles and Carrot Cake

We needed some sustenance before beating the crowd at Sitex, so we headed off to one of my favourite food centre - Changi Village. Love the carrot cake, beef noodles, chicken chop noodles, wanton mee, peanut pancake, bittergourd fishhead, tze char stall (at the other building - the more deserted one).
Anyway there were only 2 of us, so i could only order the carrot cake to share and the beef noodles for myself while Pig had the Nasi Lemak.
I like this very fragrant carrot cake, with its crunchy chai po and just the right amount of sweet sauce. 
One of my favourite beef noodles stall, the gravy are unlike the ones that you get at some food court, starchy and msg-laden. This seems more 'real', more beefy. The only pity is that it doesnt have the thick bee hoon version, only kway teow, bee hoon and yellow mee. Since there is no thick bee hoon, my only option is kway teow... felt that the kway teow tends to be sticky, mushy n glooey with the dry version of the beef noodles. And especially for me, I tend to take some time removing the parsley and taking photos, by the time i decided to sink my teeth into my food, it is even stickier, mushier and 'glooeier'. Nevertheless, I love this bowl of beef noodles. Ahh for the record, i love beef noodles!

Beef Kway Teow
Changi Village Food Centre

*correction* i think they do sell the thick bee hoon version, maybe it was just sold out! hmm

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