Monday, July 28, 2008

Home-cooked noodles

Home-cooked snakehead fish noodles!

Snakehead fish (belly, sides and cheeks) of course you can have the meat pieces, but I just love the belly and cheeks!
Thick Beehoon
Garlic (lots)
Hua Tiao wine
Chicken Stock

Cooking Method:
Fry the garlic, once it is golden brown throw in the fish and fry. Pour in a little chicken stock aka chicken bone soup)
Scoop it up when the fish is 3/4 cooked.
Next throw in more garlic and fry the noodles. Add a little oyster sauce and hua tiao wine to the noodles. Add chicken stock. 
Once noodles is ready, throw in the fish again.
Finally throw in the vegetables!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Astons@tampines st 11

Deep fried fish skin from a Teo Chew Fishball noodles stall. 
Grill Herb Fish, didnt really like it... tasted kind of blend. But to be fair I dont like western grilled fish, I much prefer my traditional steam fish, teo chew style! Oh yes and i dont like filet I want my fish with head, skin bone and all!
Pork Chop, pretty good despite my unappetizing photo. 
This is my dish, char grilled chicken chop. 
Black pepper grilled fish, not as bad as the herb fish that brother had. 
Murtabak to share

Aston@Tampines St 11 Kopi Tiam

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shin Kushiya@ vivo city

Okay I must declare that this is one of those days that i am too lazy to type. So just photos here... till i find my inspiration. Sigh... right now all I need is to find the inspiration and motivation to set my E*** papers. Someone need to throw my laptop away so that I would stop fiddling with unimportant things and start something constructive. 
Yakitori set
Poor prawn, even though i could feel that it was begging me for mercy... with one mouth the head was gone. Executed by my teeth!

Yummy soft shell crab

Garlic rice
Miso Soup
Coconut Jelly
Cheesecake Tofu

Shin Kushiya

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Durian's best friend

After the durians...Chuan Bei Pi Pa Gao...

Durian again

After a week of Durian-break and 3 days of sore throat and running nose, I am back eating durians again... Blame all the publicity, the durian hype from the Sunday newspapers!

We had our durian fix after my meal at Aston (oh I had lamp chops, bro had the IeatSuper burger), the lamp chop was really good! Too bad i forgot to bring along my camera! 

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pu Tien restaurant

Dinner gathering at Pu Tien! Our second dish (er ate up the first dish before i could remember to take a photo) This is the honey coated stir fried yam.
Fried eggplant with pork floss! I like this cos there is not a tinge of egg plant. I don't eat egg plant, but this is deep-fried and there is the pork floss to add to its flavour that you can't taste eggplant! As I like it!
Stir fried veggie with fish cake.
Salted bamboo clam. Not bad, quite addictive. 
Our seaweed soup. 
Our disintegrated Honey Glazed Pork Ribs. It was only after we started to eat n smash it that i remember OOps i forgot to take a photo! Pork Rib comes with mei cai underneath. Dinner mates claim that the mei cai is tastier than the pork ribs. Personally I thought that the sauce was a little too sweet. Pork too fat. 
The popular Heng Hwa noodles! Aiya forgot to add a dash of vinegar! I love the seaweed that comes with the noodles, gives it an added crispiness!
I think this is the sixth time that I had eaten here and I glad to say that I am still not tired of the food, food seems to have deteriorated over time especially the Heng Hwa Beehoon but nevertheless the dishes are still quite special. Then again maybe it is the company that makes this place special! Thanks ppl for putting up with my 'Oh wait I need to take photos" *click click click* food cold... "K we can eat now!"

127 Kitchener Road
Tel:6295 6358
Opening hours: 12noon - 3pm
                                6pm - 11pm

Four Seasons Durian Cafe

Durian Dessert after dinner at Pu Tien

Our creamy yummy D24! The flesh was really thick!
Our second durian.
Other then durians we had mangosteens to neutralise the heatiness of the durian. Refer to this site for an insightful durian write up.

212 Joo Chiat Place Off Still road
Opposite famous black pepper crab
Tel: 96536625

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sushi tei

Had Sushi Tei for tea one day, this is my sashimi salad. $8 for this plate, very value for money!

$12 for the special Unagi roll but friend was too full to share with me, so i had to eat everything on my own. For an oily fish like Unagi, this is a little too much i must say!

Thomson Plaza 03-46
64576678 (they do not take reservation)
1130-1000 (last order 930)

Adam Road food centre

I am not a fan of prawn noodle, but didnt know what to eat and i saw quite a number of people eating this, so well... no harm trying. Didn't really enjoy it, felt that soup was too diluted, blend, tasteless?! Hmmm my vote for Prawn nooodles (soup) still goes to the one at Pek Kio market - Wah Kee Big prawn noodle. 
Friend had murtabak from the stall she says has 'light'?! whatever... I thought all stalls were lit up, yah but i did realise after a while that they do indeed have more lights than the other stalls... aka more decoration!
Noo Cheng Adam Road Prawn Noodle
Stall 27

Monday, July 7, 2008

Kenny Rogers

I was vvvvv full but somehow I succumb to Kenny Roger's when B suggested that we eat there before Kung Fu Panda. I  know i know, many would say... 'eeee Kenny Roger's??!' but yes, I like Kenny Roger's for the baked beans! I used to like the chicken but somehow it has deteriorated over the years and Sat dinner was no exception, it was cold. And yes, I hate cold food, esp cold meat! But then again maybe it was due to the rather cold air con!
Yes YES! my 2 servings of baked beans! Like i mention before baked beans is one of my comfort food! and the baked beans as B quipped has a 'burnt' taste that I so love! And Yes! thanks BTFF for the free meal haaaa!
Kenny Rogers (Great World City)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wild Rocket

Our free bread. Came with Olive oil dip, too bad didn't come with vinegar. 
Starters 1: Soft shell crab. I love the black pepper sauce that came with the crab, but R thought it was too overpowering. I on the other hand love that it is over powering... I love black pepper, white pepper... whatever pepper. Looks like Goreng Pisang. 
Starter 2: Salmon Carpaccio. Not too bad, I guess I am bias towards smoked salmon. 
R's Chai Poh (preserved Veggie) Chilean Seabass with congee. Really fusion man! 
The Owl's crabmeat tomato cream linguini. Has a unique taste but its a little heavy. Nice if you do not consume excessively. This is obviously not a good place for photo-taking, a tad too dark. The linguini definitely taste better than it looks. 
My portion of linguini from R and Seabass from Owl. 
My lamb shank. Very ordinary, maybe I should stop eating lamb shank but I love lamb. Anyway they all taste the same to me =/ although I must say erm it is very tender, but then again, shouldn't all lamb shank be tender? hmmm. Bottomline, nothing spectacular. 
Our dessert Chocolate Lava Gateau with vanilla ice-cream. We concluded that we preferred the one at Wine Company. 
Here is the receipt of our meal for those of you who want to check out the place. We all felt that this place is overrated. Anyway thankeeee Owl! its a free meal from Owl! Wooweee! And peeps! thanks all for putting up with my irritating photo-taking!
10A Upper Wilkie Road S(228819)
Tel: 63399448
Tue-Sat: 12-3pm, 630-11pm
Sun: 1130-3pm, 630-1030pm
Closed on Monday