Monday, July 28, 2008

Home-cooked noodles

Home-cooked snakehead fish noodles!

Snakehead fish (belly, sides and cheeks) of course you can have the meat pieces, but I just love the belly and cheeks!
Thick Beehoon
Garlic (lots)
Hua Tiao wine
Chicken Stock

Cooking Method:
Fry the garlic, once it is golden brown throw in the fish and fry. Pour in a little chicken stock aka chicken bone soup)
Scoop it up when the fish is 3/4 cooked.
Next throw in more garlic and fry the noodles. Add a little oyster sauce and hua tiao wine to the noodles. Add chicken stock. 
Once noodles is ready, throw in the fish again.
Finally throw in the vegetables!


dorine said...

looks yummy!!! but i always v lazy to cook fish hahaha was it ur first attempt?

AhChew said...

nahhh always good this! love eating snakehead beehoon!