Monday, July 7, 2008

Kenny Rogers

I was vvvvv full but somehow I succumb to Kenny Roger's when B suggested that we eat there before Kung Fu Panda. I  know i know, many would say... 'eeee Kenny Roger's??!' but yes, I like Kenny Roger's for the baked beans! I used to like the chicken but somehow it has deteriorated over the years and Sat dinner was no exception, it was cold. And yes, I hate cold food, esp cold meat! But then again maybe it was due to the rather cold air con!
Yes YES! my 2 servings of baked beans! Like i mention before baked beans is one of my comfort food! and the baked beans as B quipped has a 'burnt' taste that I so love! And Yes! thanks BTFF for the free meal haaaa!
Kenny Rogers (Great World City)

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