Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wild Rocket

Our free bread. Came with Olive oil dip, too bad didn't come with vinegar. 
Starters 1: Soft shell crab. I love the black pepper sauce that came with the crab, but R thought it was too overpowering. I on the other hand love that it is over powering... I love black pepper, white pepper... whatever pepper. Looks like Goreng Pisang. 
Starter 2: Salmon Carpaccio. Not too bad, I guess I am bias towards smoked salmon. 
R's Chai Poh (preserved Veggie) Chilean Seabass with congee. Really fusion man! 
The Owl's crabmeat tomato cream linguini. Has a unique taste but its a little heavy. Nice if you do not consume excessively. This is obviously not a good place for photo-taking, a tad too dark. The linguini definitely taste better than it looks. 
My portion of linguini from R and Seabass from Owl. 
My lamb shank. Very ordinary, maybe I should stop eating lamb shank but I love lamb. Anyway they all taste the same to me =/ although I must say erm it is very tender, but then again, shouldn't all lamb shank be tender? hmmm. Bottomline, nothing spectacular. 
Our dessert Chocolate Lava Gateau with vanilla ice-cream. We concluded that we preferred the one at Wine Company. 
Here is the receipt of our meal for those of you who want to check out the place. We all felt that this place is overrated. Anyway thankeeee Owl! its a free meal from Owl! Wooweee! And peeps! thanks all for putting up with my irritating photo-taking!
10A Upper Wilkie Road S(228819)
Tel: 63399448
Tue-Sat: 12-3pm, 630-11pm
Sun: 1130-3pm, 630-1030pm
Closed on Monday

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dorine said...

lucky u never show credit card number on your receipt hehe anyway the bread in the first pic dun look like bread le.. more like pound cake ;p