Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pu Tien restaurant

Dinner gathering at Pu Tien! Our second dish (er ate up the first dish before i could remember to take a photo) This is the honey coated stir fried yam.
Fried eggplant with pork floss! I like this cos there is not a tinge of egg plant. I don't eat egg plant, but this is deep-fried and there is the pork floss to add to its flavour that you can't taste eggplant! As I like it!
Stir fried veggie with fish cake.
Salted bamboo clam. Not bad, quite addictive. 
Our seaweed soup. 
Our disintegrated Honey Glazed Pork Ribs. It was only after we started to eat n smash it that i remember OOps i forgot to take a photo! Pork Rib comes with mei cai underneath. Dinner mates claim that the mei cai is tastier than the pork ribs. Personally I thought that the sauce was a little too sweet. Pork too fat. 
The popular Heng Hwa noodles! Aiya forgot to add a dash of vinegar! I love the seaweed that comes with the noodles, gives it an added crispiness!
I think this is the sixth time that I had eaten here and I glad to say that I am still not tired of the food, food seems to have deteriorated over time especially the Heng Hwa Beehoon but nevertheless the dishes are still quite special. Then again maybe it is the company that makes this place special! Thanks ppl for putting up with my 'Oh wait I need to take photos" *click click click* food cold... "K we can eat now!"

127 Kitchener Road
Tel:6295 6358
Opening hours: 12noon - 3pm
                                6pm - 11pm


dorine said...

hey next time try kailan with beancurd skin..chef's recommendation, then also try the ma zhu mien xian instead of's good!! drool...also squirrel fish...tad sweet...but impressively cut...also try the shredded pork tt eat w buns..i call it chinese hamburger..yummy hahaha

Anonymous said...

Ya ya tried the kailan before, bt dont really like mien xian n squirrel fish... i think i just generally dislike sweet n sour fish. Yah had the shredded pork bun thingy.. nt bad =)

dorine said...

oh try the cold dish too..some cow thing hahahah my dad order one hahaha thin slices..