Monday, June 30, 2008


Friend had a $20 voucher for Sakae, so here we are... these are some photos that I took when i wasn't too lazy. I love how slice beef go with golden mushroom. Its one of those perfect match, match made in heaven =) First tasted this perfect union when i went for a BBQ at L's place. The one at Sakae is not too bad, just a little salty and the meat a little overcooked. 
I like the Sashimi salad! Friend insisted that we must have this and yes, certainly a wise choice. 
Well the usually Fried veggie.. errr (kakikage or something??) 
Of cos these were not the only items we had, the rest were kind of ordinary and I was too hungry and lazy to take any photos. One thing for sure is that our appetite for Sakae sushi has shrunk tremendously, used to go for their buffets and used to spend at least $30 plus on sushi only... Imagine both of us are members of Sakae sushi! and how did we became members? we both consumed $200 in 3 months... that was i believe 5 years back... hai... now even though we arent consuming as much, but our weight has certainly faced an upward trend. 

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Carls Jr (Big Splash)

School is reopening tom... jitters jitters, will be stuck with healthy home cooked food of steam fish and porridge soon... so my last unhealthy meal... (for maybe a week)
EEks didnt like the onion rings... next time i should just stick to Chilli Beef Fries.. =) 

Nothing much to say.. it is carl jr... Huge burgers... messy... friend seems to be enjoying her messy blob of burger.. too bad i was too lazy to take a picture. It was a dripping wet burger.. very messy!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wine Company (Evans Road)

Have been craving for Wine Company Molten Lava Chocolate Cake for quite a while, so finally had the opportunity to skip down to Evans Road. Decided to eat lunch there too, so here was my main: 

Jumbo Chicken Leg with Buttered Rice. Yes I like the sauce that came along with it, sort of like buttered mushroom sauce with pine nuts. Lately I seem to be having sauces top with pine nuts and I must say I love the woody flavour of the nuts. The butter sauce was a little heavy going though, definitely not for the health conscious and you get 'jerlat' from it. But overall, I love mushrooms, i like pine nuts, I love raisins and I love chicken. Oh but having said that, the chicken had a frozen taste to it... Maybe it is not economical to use fresh chicken... oh well... I would certainly like it even more if fresh chicken was used instead. Er... in case you wonder why I care whether it is fresh or frozen, well it is because I chew the cartilage of the chicken and once in a while the bones too ;P and when you chew the cartilage, you could immediately tell whether it is a fresh or frozen chicken.  
Buttered rice tasted somewhat like chicken rice, but the raisins gave the rice texture and an added sweetness. The chef was pretty generous with the mushrooms and I am a happy girl as a result. 
Friend had Fish and Chips, I thought it look a little like Fried Chicken. Well apparently according to friend it was not too bad. I tasted it, I thought the fishy taste was a little too strong. But nevertheless the good thing was the fish remain crispy even when cold =) It is not the battered kind that you get in errr Long John Silvers or even Swenson's more like the kind you get when you go to a coastal town in Australia, wrap in newspaper. I am not a fish and chips person, but I would love this fish and chips if it was served with vinegar! Maybe I would go for the Fish and Chips next time I am here and yes.. ask for vinegar! Then again, they have Lamb shank on the menu... I love Lamb. (seems like i Love... many things)
This is what I came for, molton Lava Chocolate Cake. Maybe I was too full or maybe there were only 2 of us to share, but I thought it didn't taste as good as my previous visit. The cake just wasn't warm enough. The cake itself was ordinary. Sure the melted chocolate oozes out...but it tasted a little powdery this time round... hmm maybe I was just too full. Too greedy. I think dessert like this should be shared among many, so that when you have not enough, you will crave for more. Err theory of marginal utility - the only thing i remembered from my JC Economics lesson. 

Cute little lady Bug...
Deconstructed chocolate cake. Mess of melted 'lava' - pretty viscous lava!
There was hardly anyone when we were there. Nice place to wind down and chill out, should bring a book to read next time. Oh but it becomes really crowded in the night, especially on a weekend night. 
Fren with little insulation from her fats claim that it was cold inside, decided to move outside. Still... there was hardly anyone. 
Overall good chill out place, good food, value for money. Both mains were $14 each, chocolate cake was $10 and we had drinks, coke and ginger ale for $2.50 each. (er yah... we went wine company, but we didn't take any wine) 
Price: what you see on the menu is what you pay... no service charge, gst is included in the prices you see on the menu... good yeah?

The Wine Company 
26 Evans Road  01-05
Tel: 67321009
The have 2 more outlets in Dempsey. Check out the website for the other outlets as well as operating hours. Cheers!

Margarita East Coat Road

Had been wanting to eat Mexican food for the longest time ever. But I have no idea where to find good Mexican food in Singapore and I dont really know much about Mex food.  The last time i ate at a Mexican restaurant in Singapore was a long long time ago.. maybe 6 years ago at Chico's n Charlie's. When i went to US for a while, I was stuffing myself silly with Mexican food, even when i went to Macs i was having the fajitas.. anyway I love anything with refried beans... I love refried beans just like how i love baked beans. Why do I love Mexican food? 'cos it is cheesy, mushy n messy... I love messy food just like when i eat economical rice 'cai fan' i love messing up my rice with the sides. 

Here is our appetizer,  Chilie Con Queso... Chips were kind of blend, but then again maybe it was meant to be like that... i thought the sauce was a little blend and tasteless too, friend commented that it is a cheesy sauce that doesn't taste like cheese. But she gobble up the whole thing, so does it taste good? or was she simply not trying to waste food, I don't know.

This was my main... Kitchen Sink Burritos... the way i like it... MESSY BloB.. BUT one thing that really spoils the whole experience was the addition of parsley.. I HATE parsley, coriander  anything close to it... It has such a strong n distinctive taste! Gross! Maybe I have ultra sensitive tastebuds, but i hate strong tasting veg like tomato, parsley, coriander, eggplant and lady's fingers. Anyway thank goodness the sauce on the burrito was good and tasty enough to cover the strong scent of parsley. Oh by the way I love tomato in its processed form  but I simply hate tomatoes in its original state. Back to my burritos, I wished I could taste more of the refried beans... I should just order refried beans on its own next time...
Brownies for dessert. 
I didn't like the taste of it on my first bite. I thought it had a hint of coconut. But subsequent bites weren't too bad if accompanied with the ice-cream. My conclusion is that you have to eat the brownie with the ice-cream and the chocolate sauce to enjoy this dessert. On its own, the brownie was a little dry. I missed my Wine Company warm chocolate cake =(
Overall it was a refreshing change to eat Mexican food after such a long time. The place was fully reserved when we got there, we were told that we need to leave by 830 and people with no reservation that came in after us were turned way. So please make your reservation especially on a weekend. Oh one thing, we were disturbed by the door bell that rang occasionally even though no one was entering nor existing the restaurant. Spooky... 
K final note, this place is moving to Siglap soon. The whole place would be undergoing redevelopment in August I think, so watch out. 

Margarita (East Coast)
404 East Coast Road
Tel: 64408030
Lunch 12pm - 2pm (Tues-Sun)
Dinner 6pm - 10pm (Mon-Sun)
Average price: $35-$45/per head (information courtesy of

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Orange Lantern Vietnamese Crusine

I had the B1 set, which consist of a bowl of slice beef pho, mango salad, some beehoon salad thing, breaded prawn and one more fried netted thing which i can't remember what. 
It was a 'so-so' meal. Its been a while since I last ate Beef pho which has the 'oomph' factor. The Best i ever had was in Melbourne... that was addictive. I am kind of over my pho craze, but if anyone knows of any nice pho place please drop me a note. Maybe I would start my pho craze and go around Singapore looking for beef pho. Oh i used to have the ramen craze, but i am over that too... if only i can have the gym craze and all i do is to head to the gym... if only. 
73 Killiney Road S(239528)
Tel: 67328032
11am - 10pm

Margaret Drive: Char Kway Teow and Poh Pia

I had a friend who used to call this place 'sleepy town'. Oh friend... if you ever read this, which I doubt you would, the last time i ate the CKT here was with you... that was 7 years ago... ;)
Yes, indeed coming back to Margaret drive always evoke a sleepy, laid back, back-to-the- past feeling. I love the queenstown, Margaret Drive, Dawson area... it is where my cousins, bro and I used to hang out during our childhood days at my grandparents place catching spiders, running around the playground, secretly climbing into the canal and creating imaginary playing scenes in the house. 
kk back to food... food in Margaret Drive hawker centre tends to be quite affordable. This is what we had the other day... Poh Pia, I love poh pia though i cant really explain why, but it is something I ALWAYS order to share whenever i see a poh pia stall. 2 things that i ALWAYS order... poh pia and carrot cake (usually the black one). Anyway this poh pia is $1.20. Not much comments about the poh pia, as long as the skin is not too thick, the filling is reasonable, I am satisfied =) My favourite poh pia is still the one at Sim Lim Sq basement foodcourt. 
Large cup of barley for 80 cents
I ate 3 pieces before i remember that i need to take a photo of it. 
Here comes the star that we waited or rather queue up 30 minutes for... nothing spectacular, I mean it is good.. but I am really no connoisseur of CKT cos i dont eat it that often! Fat Lah! (oh but if you see CKT often in my blog is because of a friend who seems to be always eating CKT when we go to a hawker centre) Anyway what is worth raving about is the plentiful of 'sea hum' - cockles that you can find on this plate. I counted about 20! I mean if you love cockles like i do, you would definitely love this plate of kway teow. They are not teeny weeny cockles, the cockles are large! 
I LOVE COCKLES!! I remembered once when my mum was overseas and here I am in Singapore craving for cockles, i had no choice but to skip downstairs to the market, bought over half kg of cockles and cooked it. 
How do i cook cockles? well I don't exactly cook them, i simply brush them really clean, boil water in the meantime and when everything is clean and boiled, i just pour the boiling water over the cockles! Are the cockles cooked enough? Hmm i don't really know... well definitely it is not a recommended way to eat cockles, but .... I LOVE IT BLOODY! oh but yes I have repeatedly told myself that i NEED to get my Hep A Hep B jab!
Btw if you ever watch this Ah Ben show (don't know the name of the ch8 show) where he goes around introducing cheap good eats, this was one of the stall being featured. Used to be $2, now it is $3 but still value for money. Though some may think it is not worth the wait. I wasn't the one who queue up for the char kway teow, so i didn't mind. 
40A Commonwealth Ave
01-550 Commonwealth Ave cooked food centre (Margaret Drive FC)
500pm - 1000pm - while stock last! closed on Sunday

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sushi Tei @ Big Splash

Ahhh i finally got my blog back, was wondering what happen to it, i never seem to be able to do a posting, alas, i realised i have been signing in to the wrong account. 

Met the Owl on Sat for an early dinner at Sushi Tei =) I simply love the Unagi roll here, have been craving for it ever since don't know when. 
This is what Owl had, Onsen Tamago, in other words, Hot Spring Egg... what is so special about it? erm nothing, its simply half-boiled egg. 
Her Salmon belly mis0-soup of which i finished half of it. She claimed that her tummy had shrunk after the surgery. Delicious bowl of soup if you like the combination of Salmon belly and Miso. For me i still prefer salmon belly in its raw state. 
Both of us had the Soft Shell crab handroll , something i always have when i am here. Crispy and hot... fresh from the wok..... erm not like the ones i have in 'suck' kae'. 
Ahhh this is what i came for =) my utmost favourite unagi roll, i love the fact that the unagi is so thick and fleshy, so melt-in-your mouth. Gives me the high when i sank my teeth into it... yum yum. 
Too bad i left my camera in the car, if not the photos would have been much nicer... hmm maybe its time to buy a compact camera that i can carry around with ease, instead of relying on my phone all the time. Yeah maybe  i should buy it now... Canon A590IS, cheap and good... maybe there would be a Post PC show sale, haa yeah i should go sim Lim now. I need an external hard disk too to back up my data, my laptop is so hot that my keyboard is a little burnt now, maybe its a sign of old age... haa excuses excuses excuses. 

Friday, June 13, 2008

Trip up North

Very foggy at Genting.
One of the many meals in Genting,  Kenny Rogers. In fact it is a meal that i always have in Genting (erm there is not much edible food up on the mountain) My usual quarter chicken and 2portions of baked beans. Yes i love bake beans! My comfort food, together with beef noodles and teo chew porridge. 
This is the other plate. Yeah more varieties, yucky coleslaw. Never could understand why people like coleslaw. Tried her macaroni  and cheese, didn't like it. Very blend and not cheesy. 

The other meals we had were buffet at resort hotel and coffee terrance at Genting Hotel. 

I just had to add that service was horrible at Genting, be it the hotel reception, food outlets, retail stores... all horrible, can't be bothered attitude - even when you want to pay for your meal. 

Stayed at resort hotel standard room this time, strange room. At 7am, there would be music played through the room speakers to wake you up. Yes! in the first place why would there be speakers in the room?? When we queried the front desk, she insisted that ALL hotels would have music played in the morning?! Ridiculous! 
To add on to things, there was a circuit trip on the second night. sigh...
Gave up on Genting, went down to Malacca... sleepy warm little town.
Dinner at Malacca Newton Hawker Centre. The Bak Ku Teh soup was tasty but the pork rib was too tough, must have been a big fat pig! The black sauce was the normal soya sauce, if only they had the thick black kind. 
Hand-made chee cheong fun coated with egg skin. Not too bad! 
Char Kway Teow. It has a lovely salty taste of the cockles. If you don't like cockles, this is certainly not a dish for you, but if you are like me who LOVE cockles, this plate certainly has a strong salty taste of the sea =)

Dessert, very good bowl of peanut barley soup. 
Breakfast and Lunch at Pin Pin Hiong, intersection of Lor Hang Jebat and Jlk Tkg Besi just before Orang Utan House. Opening hours 7am - 330pm. Read from that it is a favourite haunt for the locals. 
Coffeeshop was packed in the morning with long waiting time but when we went there at about 1:30,it was almost empty. 
Oyster Omelete with teeny weeny bits of oysters. This is unlike Singapore version of Orh Jian, it is neither starchy nor gluey. Overall not too oily, not too bad.  RM$ 6
Mee Sua was realllllly full of Ohhmmmp! Full of flavour, made with a hearty stock of ingredients such as mini oysters, mini prawns, liver, small intestines, mince pork, veggie, sliced pork. Even if you are not a Mee Sua person, this is worth trying! $4 per bowl
Fried Kway Teow aka Hor Fun... hmm realised they used the same ingredients they used for the Mee Sua nevertheless it is one of the better ones i have ever tried so far. I think the hor fun in Singapore simply lacks the Wok Hei flavour that is apparent here. At RM$4 it is certainly value for money =) You could have the Hua Dan version (egg) for $5
Bittergourd with slice pork. Not in the menu, but well you could request for it. I am not a bittergourd person, I used to hate it. but i am slowly, very slowly acquiring the taste of it. Taste a little like the hor fun with the charred bits. RM$6
Overall was a fun, satisfying, heart stopping,  lots of crap, singing, laughters and tummy filling trip!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shangri-La The Line

Yeah photos look pale, and i take bad photos of buffet, usually my plate of food would look boring or disgusting. Took this using my iphone as my camera ran out of battery =(( anyway here is lunch at The Line...

Dessert bar, was too full to make a full attack on the desserts.
The cold section. Canadian Oysters were being served, it was really HUGE and creamy. Ate 3 oysters, too creamy to chew on more. 
Asked for salmon belly, only had 1 serving as the queue was too long. 
I enjoyed the carving section, the roast beef was rare and bloody, just the way i like the beast. The lamb chop was very good, i love the characteristically smelly smell/taste of the lamb. And yes with the mint sauce, it is almost perfect. Almost... 
On my plate is the mushroom chicken ragout, i love that too. chicken was tender and the mushroom sauce really complimented the chicken. 
My 'indian food' haa cant remember what i took from the indian section, but anyhow here is my plate. Yes, i have the habit of taking small portion just so that I can try everything. 
Seafood section:
Chef slicing the sashimi
Overall experience not too bad, quite a large variety my rating would be 6 out of 10, but I am sure AG who enjoyed it would have rated it 9! 

Greenwood Fish Market

Photos are eeky! Used my iphone and the lighting was bad at Greenwood. Its the PC show again, tempted to get a point and shoot Canon A590IS, no need to rely on my iphone anymore!

K back to food, we had the Hot seafood platter for 2 for the 3 of us. Was too full to eat anything on my own as i just had beef noodles over at Golden Mile =) PIG!

I think the only thing that i like on this messy platter is the calamari.
We had half a dozen of fresh oysters to0... now that was good... but too bad i couldnt catch the name of the oysters... only heard mumbles of 'spain... flat.. blah blah blah' at $4 per oyster it shouldnt be too bad... i love the salty taste of the oyster, but too bad the oysters were a tad too small. In case you are wondering where are the photos of the oysters, obviously we wallop it up before I could take any photos. 

Oh oh! this was dessert at Wine Company, Bt Timah road, opposite the old NIE. It was really yummy, the molten hot chocolate oozes out when you pierce your fork into it. I like the fact that the melted sauce is thick and not the diluted kind. Very satisfying piece of chocolate cake. 

34 Greenwood ave S(289236) Tel: 64674950
Tues: Oysters at $1
Try to make reservation

Wine Company
26 Evans Road, Evans lodge
Mon-Thu: Noon to midnight
Fri and eve of Ph: 3pm - 1am
Sat: 12pm - 1am
Sun and PH: 12pm-11pm