Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wine Company (Evans Road)

Have been craving for Wine Company Molten Lava Chocolate Cake for quite a while, so finally had the opportunity to skip down to Evans Road. Decided to eat lunch there too, so here was my main: 

Jumbo Chicken Leg with Buttered Rice. Yes I like the sauce that came along with it, sort of like buttered mushroom sauce with pine nuts. Lately I seem to be having sauces top with pine nuts and I must say I love the woody flavour of the nuts. The butter sauce was a little heavy going though, definitely not for the health conscious and you get 'jerlat' from it. But overall, I love mushrooms, i like pine nuts, I love raisins and I love chicken. Oh but having said that, the chicken had a frozen taste to it... Maybe it is not economical to use fresh chicken... oh well... I would certainly like it even more if fresh chicken was used instead. Er... in case you wonder why I care whether it is fresh or frozen, well it is because I chew the cartilage of the chicken and once in a while the bones too ;P and when you chew the cartilage, you could immediately tell whether it is a fresh or frozen chicken.  
Buttered rice tasted somewhat like chicken rice, but the raisins gave the rice texture and an added sweetness. The chef was pretty generous with the mushrooms and I am a happy girl as a result. 
Friend had Fish and Chips, I thought it look a little like Fried Chicken. Well apparently according to friend it was not too bad. I tasted it, I thought the fishy taste was a little too strong. But nevertheless the good thing was the fish remain crispy even when cold =) It is not the battered kind that you get in errr Long John Silvers or even Swenson's more like the kind you get when you go to a coastal town in Australia, wrap in newspaper. I am not a fish and chips person, but I would love this fish and chips if it was served with vinegar! Maybe I would go for the Fish and Chips next time I am here and yes.. ask for vinegar! Then again, they have Lamb shank on the menu... I love Lamb. (seems like i Love... many things)
This is what I came for, molton Lava Chocolate Cake. Maybe I was too full or maybe there were only 2 of us to share, but I thought it didn't taste as good as my previous visit. The cake just wasn't warm enough. The cake itself was ordinary. Sure the melted chocolate oozes out...but it tasted a little powdery this time round... hmm maybe I was just too full. Too greedy. I think dessert like this should be shared among many, so that when you have not enough, you will crave for more. Err theory of marginal utility - the only thing i remembered from my JC Economics lesson. 

Cute little lady Bug...
Deconstructed chocolate cake. Mess of melted 'lava' - pretty viscous lava!
There was hardly anyone when we were there. Nice place to wind down and chill out, should bring a book to read next time. Oh but it becomes really crowded in the night, especially on a weekend night. 
Fren with little insulation from her fats claim that it was cold inside, decided to move outside. Still... there was hardly anyone. 
Overall good chill out place, good food, value for money. Both mains were $14 each, chocolate cake was $10 and we had drinks, coke and ginger ale for $2.50 each. (er yah... we went wine company, but we didn't take any wine) 
Price: what you see on the menu is what you pay... no service charge, gst is included in the prices you see on the menu... good yeah?

The Wine Company 
26 Evans Road  01-05
Tel: 67321009
The have 2 more outlets in Dempsey. Check out the website for the other outlets as well as operating hours. Cheers!


liwei said...

i like wine company's pizza and the braised pork!! braised pork is one of the best i've had... really fatty and really melt-in-your-mouth! haha liwei

Ah nice said...

Hey maybe we should head there for our next support session! Perhaps by time we are drunk, then Platy will arrive.. *grins*

AhChew said...

yessss yess! i agreee!! =D nice tai tai old woman chill out place! esp in the day when there is no one!