Saturday, June 21, 2008

Margarita East Coat Road

Had been wanting to eat Mexican food for the longest time ever. But I have no idea where to find good Mexican food in Singapore and I dont really know much about Mex food.  The last time i ate at a Mexican restaurant in Singapore was a long long time ago.. maybe 6 years ago at Chico's n Charlie's. When i went to US for a while, I was stuffing myself silly with Mexican food, even when i went to Macs i was having the fajitas.. anyway I love anything with refried beans... I love refried beans just like how i love baked beans. Why do I love Mexican food? 'cos it is cheesy, mushy n messy... I love messy food just like when i eat economical rice 'cai fan' i love messing up my rice with the sides. 

Here is our appetizer,  Chilie Con Queso... Chips were kind of blend, but then again maybe it was meant to be like that... i thought the sauce was a little blend and tasteless too, friend commented that it is a cheesy sauce that doesn't taste like cheese. But she gobble up the whole thing, so does it taste good? or was she simply not trying to waste food, I don't know.

This was my main... Kitchen Sink Burritos... the way i like it... MESSY BloB.. BUT one thing that really spoils the whole experience was the addition of parsley.. I HATE parsley, coriander  anything close to it... It has such a strong n distinctive taste! Gross! Maybe I have ultra sensitive tastebuds, but i hate strong tasting veg like tomato, parsley, coriander, eggplant and lady's fingers. Anyway thank goodness the sauce on the burrito was good and tasty enough to cover the strong scent of parsley. Oh by the way I love tomato in its processed form  but I simply hate tomatoes in its original state. Back to my burritos, I wished I could taste more of the refried beans... I should just order refried beans on its own next time...
Brownies for dessert. 
I didn't like the taste of it on my first bite. I thought it had a hint of coconut. But subsequent bites weren't too bad if accompanied with the ice-cream. My conclusion is that you have to eat the brownie with the ice-cream and the chocolate sauce to enjoy this dessert. On its own, the brownie was a little dry. I missed my Wine Company warm chocolate cake =(
Overall it was a refreshing change to eat Mexican food after such a long time. The place was fully reserved when we got there, we were told that we need to leave by 830 and people with no reservation that came in after us were turned way. So please make your reservation especially on a weekend. Oh one thing, we were disturbed by the door bell that rang occasionally even though no one was entering nor existing the restaurant. Spooky... 
K final note, this place is moving to Siglap soon. The whole place would be undergoing redevelopment in August I think, so watch out. 

Margarita (East Coast)
404 East Coast Road
Tel: 64408030
Lunch 12pm - 2pm (Tues-Sun)
Dinner 6pm - 10pm (Mon-Sun)
Average price: $35-$45/per head (information courtesy of

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