Saturday, June 7, 2008

Greenwood Fish Market

Photos are eeky! Used my iphone and the lighting was bad at Greenwood. Its the PC show again, tempted to get a point and shoot Canon A590IS, no need to rely on my iphone anymore!

K back to food, we had the Hot seafood platter for 2 for the 3 of us. Was too full to eat anything on my own as i just had beef noodles over at Golden Mile =) PIG!

I think the only thing that i like on this messy platter is the calamari.
We had half a dozen of fresh oysters to0... now that was good... but too bad i couldnt catch the name of the oysters... only heard mumbles of 'spain... flat.. blah blah blah' at $4 per oyster it shouldnt be too bad... i love the salty taste of the oyster, but too bad the oysters were a tad too small. In case you are wondering where are the photos of the oysters, obviously we wallop it up before I could take any photos. 

Oh oh! this was dessert at Wine Company, Bt Timah road, opposite the old NIE. It was really yummy, the molten hot chocolate oozes out when you pierce your fork into it. I like the fact that the melted sauce is thick and not the diluted kind. Very satisfying piece of chocolate cake. 

34 Greenwood ave S(289236) Tel: 64674950
Tues: Oysters at $1
Try to make reservation

Wine Company
26 Evans Road, Evans lodge
Mon-Thu: Noon to midnight
Fri and eve of Ph: 3pm - 1am
Sat: 12pm - 1am
Sun and PH: 12pm-11pm

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dorine said...

oh oh i have been wanting to try the chocolate dessert at wine company! heard alot abt it..the last time i went there was for drinks..must try next dessert :P