Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sushi Tei @ Big Splash

Ahhh i finally got my blog back, was wondering what happen to it, i never seem to be able to do a posting, alas, i realised i have been signing in to the wrong account. 

Met the Owl on Sat for an early dinner at Sushi Tei =) I simply love the Unagi roll here, have been craving for it ever since don't know when. 
This is what Owl had, Onsen Tamago, in other words, Hot Spring Egg... what is so special about it? erm nothing, its simply half-boiled egg. 
Her Salmon belly mis0-soup of which i finished half of it. She claimed that her tummy had shrunk after the surgery. Delicious bowl of soup if you like the combination of Salmon belly and Miso. For me i still prefer salmon belly in its raw state. 
Both of us had the Soft Shell crab handroll , something i always have when i am here. Crispy and hot... fresh from the wok..... erm not like the ones i have in 'suck' kae'. 
Ahhh this is what i came for =) my utmost favourite unagi roll, i love the fact that the unagi is so thick and fleshy, so melt-in-your mouth. Gives me the high when i sank my teeth into it... yum yum. 
Too bad i left my camera in the car, if not the photos would have been much nicer... hmm maybe its time to buy a compact camera that i can carry around with ease, instead of relying on my phone all the time. Yeah maybe  i should buy it now... Canon A590IS, cheap and good... maybe there would be a Post PC show sale, haa yeah i should go sim Lim now. I need an external hard disk too to back up my data, my laptop is so hot that my keyboard is a little burnt now, maybe its a sign of old age... haa excuses excuses excuses. 

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