Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Margaret Drive: Char Kway Teow and Poh Pia

I had a friend who used to call this place 'sleepy town'. Oh friend... if you ever read this, which I doubt you would, the last time i ate the CKT here was with you... that was 7 years ago... ;)
Yes, indeed coming back to Margaret drive always evoke a sleepy, laid back, back-to-the- past feeling. I love the queenstown, Margaret Drive, Dawson area... it is where my cousins, bro and I used to hang out during our childhood days at my grandparents place catching spiders, running around the playground, secretly climbing into the canal and creating imaginary playing scenes in the house. 
kk back to food... food in Margaret Drive hawker centre tends to be quite affordable. This is what we had the other day... Poh Pia, I love poh pia though i cant really explain why, but it is something I ALWAYS order to share whenever i see a poh pia stall. 2 things that i ALWAYS order... poh pia and carrot cake (usually the black one). Anyway this poh pia is $1.20. Not much comments about the poh pia, as long as the skin is not too thick, the filling is reasonable, I am satisfied =) My favourite poh pia is still the one at Sim Lim Sq basement foodcourt. 
Large cup of barley for 80 cents
I ate 3 pieces before i remember that i need to take a photo of it. 
Here comes the star that we waited or rather queue up 30 minutes for... nothing spectacular, I mean it is good.. but I am really no connoisseur of CKT cos i dont eat it that often! Fat Lah! (oh but if you see CKT often in my blog is because of a friend who seems to be always eating CKT when we go to a hawker centre) Anyway what is worth raving about is the plentiful of 'sea hum' - cockles that you can find on this plate. I counted about 20! I mean if you love cockles like i do, you would definitely love this plate of kway teow. They are not teeny weeny cockles, the cockles are large! 
I LOVE COCKLES!! I remembered once when my mum was overseas and here I am in Singapore craving for cockles, i had no choice but to skip downstairs to the market, bought over half kg of cockles and cooked it. 
How do i cook cockles? well I don't exactly cook them, i simply brush them really clean, boil water in the meantime and when everything is clean and boiled, i just pour the boiling water over the cockles! Are the cockles cooked enough? Hmm i don't really know... well definitely it is not a recommended way to eat cockles, but .... I LOVE IT BLOODY! oh but yes I have repeatedly told myself that i NEED to get my Hep A Hep B jab!
Btw if you ever watch this Ah Ben show (don't know the name of the ch8 show) where he goes around introducing cheap good eats, this was one of the stall being featured. Used to be $2, now it is $3 but still value for money. Though some may think it is not worth the wait. I wasn't the one who queue up for the char kway teow, so i didn't mind. 
40A Commonwealth Ave
01-550 Commonwealth Ave cooked food centre (Margaret Drive FC)
500pm - 1000pm - while stock last! closed on Sunday


dorine said...

oh my goodness!! we both hv the same fav po piah stall!! basement of sim lim sq! the best.. hahha best pho was also at melbourne.so far away..sadness..then wat is ur craze now? haha

AhChew said...

hmm my craze is nothing now! shld just stop eating n gym gym gym.. sighhh... sian... the blues are starting to sink in...