Sunday, June 1, 2008

Smok'inn Frogz Kitchen and Bar Bar Black Sheep

My fellow Pig friend and I was deciding where to have our dinner after desserts at NYDC wheellock. (Yeah strange sequence, dessert before dinner) I wanted something healthy so i suggested Sushi Tei ( I love the Unagi roll, in fact I have perpetual craving for it!), but Pig reminded me that it may be crowded, so we decided to hop into the car and brainstorm other options. Pig exclaimed that we should be adventurous today, so I suggested driving along Bukit Timah. Well Pig was supposed to be on the look out for food places while i drive, BUT... Alas! Pig was absorbed with playing the phone! Uh well... so i just drove on and on and on... till i remembered this Bar Bar Black sheep place that i went with A&R once and recently this place was also featured in the Straits Times. Anyway this is what we had:

Pig had the beer battered Fish and Chips. The fish was fresh, batter a little too thick and the fries were hot and yummy! Good stuff!
I had the prawn linguine aglio olio... cos i wanted something healthy. I would have gone for the beef burger if i didnt feel so fat today. The linguine came with 6 large succulent, juicy prawns, although i must say it taste a little artificial.. maybe it was soaked in sodium bicarbonate (haa not sure.. may be some other thing..) I like the texture of the linguine. Al-dente, just the way i like it. The linguine comes with a hint of oriental flavour, tastes strange at first, but well not too bad! 

Overall it was a good meal, value for money. $12 for the fish and chips, $14 for the linguine. No GST, no service charge. We had drinks from the Bar Bar Black sheep. I had ginger ale, Pig had coke. I am sure to come back again for the Beef Burger. 
I lile the ambience, didnt like the smoke from the cigarettes at first, but after moving to a less smoky spot and settling into our seats, it feels like we are out of the country. The whole ambience, feels a little like Phuket... an Asian country with many yuppies and foreign expats especially Caucasians. 

Oh i found out that this place was started by French chef Francois Mermiliod (in case anyone is interested)

879 Bukit Timah Road (Cherry Avenue)
4pm - 11pm weekdays
9am - 11pm weekends


dorine said...

i see u hv been eating hard at singapore hahaha i am getting indigestion here!! think u will love it here hahaha raw fish galore and ramen

AhChew said...

YAHHHHHHHH rammmeeennn i got ramen and salmon belly craving

dorine said...

yoz i tagged u on my blog haha also got some food pictures on my blog hahaha

nicestaus said...

i was there on sat nite with my family.. not at smok'inn frogz but juz down the lane at Forture.
Nice food there too. The asam fish head is apparently recommended by a lot of my foodie friends. I had the fish steamboat too. Cheap & good food. We spent only abt $150 for 2 tables ;)

ah nice

AhChew said...

AH Nice!!! =D haa nothing jus want to say HI!