Friday, December 26, 2008

A late Christmas Dinner @ Jln Kayu

A late christmas dinner with friend at Jln Kayu. 
The satay was quite tasty, although it would have been better if the meat was thicker, more solid. Nevertheless i like the satay, maybe it is the marinate that gives it the yummy flavour.
Our egg, cheese, mushroom and onion roti prata that i felt was a disaster! the dough was wayyyyyy to thick! but then again with the amount of ingredients that go into the prata, it is no surprise that they had to make it this thick n large! next time i shall just stick to normal plain prata! sigghh n i tot jln kayu was famous for roti prata. 
Cafeela Seafood Restaurant
254 Jalan Kayu
24 Hours

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