Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pho Hoa @ Holland Village

Met friend at Holland V for another pig out session. Decided to have pho cos it is supposed to be healthy! BUT of cos i was wrong again, the bowl of beef pho that i ordered was rather fatty and oily. Oh it is of no one's fault but mine, I wanted to be greedy and decided that I should order the most extensive bowl of beef pho with the tripe, brisket, beef flank, beef ball etc etc. SO yes! end product was a rather oily but yummy bowl of pho. The humble calamansi of course added to the fragrance, the aroma of the wonderfully flavoured bowl of pho. Actually when it comes to pho i really cant tell a bad one from a good one. WHY? cause the amount of calamansi and basil leaves that i request for basically mask the taste of its original flavour. Moreover Pho Hoa provides cut chili padi which steers away from the typical pho that you get in vietnam, especially if you are like me who relish on chili padi! Well.. in this age of globalisation, i decided to 'localised' a global food - pho - by adding my chili padi

k so here is my bowl of pho:
Looks can be deceiving! I know it looks oily and unappetizing.

Fren had the dry vermicelli with grilled chicken, cant rem what is it called in Vietnamese. Anyway according to her it is not bad, but the chicken is a little too dry and tough.

Oh and how can i forget my avocado shake. K i am now into the avocado shake craze cos apparently avocado is good for the skin, the face =) BUT i must say the best avocado shake i have tried is the one at ALexander Village, Mr Avocado.

18 Lorong Mambong
Holland Village

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