Monday, May 12, 2008

Running around for food!

Mum summon me to Joo Chiat to buy her the Kim Choo Bak Chang so that she can deep freeze it and store it for dumpling festival! Its still at $1.60 each, Fri onwards wld be $2.50. Bought 10 Nonya Chang and 2 Cantonese Bean Chang. My favourite Bean Chang =)

Wanted to eat Nonya food at Tasty Buds (joo chiat), but couldnt find. Walked pass a handmade Bao stall, couldnt resist it so i decided to buy 1 small char siew bao, 2 Big bao and the lady said 'come try the durian tapioca pancake' ... alas i succumb to my  weakness - durian. K back to the bao, was suppose to be for breakfast, but well me being me decided to eat it while its hot... managed to gobble down 1 big bao and 1 small bao before reaching the car... haiii such a pig... Bao was really good, the meat inside was moist and best of all the skin wasnt too thick. Too bad i didnt take note of the address, was one of those random walk-pass-buy stop. All i know is that it is along joo chiat, after Canton Wok
On my way home, stopped at Eastwood to buy a tub of Rum and Raisin ice-cream! I love especially love the durian and brandied prune / fig ice-cream, but too bad they didn't have the flavour today.
After pigging out the whole day, decided that dinner should be 'Qing-Dan' - light. So this is my typical teo chew dinner prepared by me, steam fish and boil veggi with oyster sauce, accompanied by soya bean sauce 'dou jiang'

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