Monday, August 10, 2009


Adjourn to TCC for desserts after Tampopo

Plat's usual Coffee with Azuki Beans... (some things never change, it is the same old Plat with the same old drink)

Wei's nutella double shot expresso

Our desserts to share...
The not very nice Tiramisu recommended by the waitress... much prefer the 'take-away' version of the Tiramisu. Apparently this one we had is called devimisu or something like that.. too much cream.

The Choco-Nana.. ooo as I'm typing this, it finally hit me as to why this is called Choco-nana... chocolate and banana... soooo sloowww.. something wrong with the brain..

TCC (Clarke Quay)
Sun-Thu and PH: 11:00-0:00
Fri, Sat and Eve of PH: 11:00-04:00
Tel: 6336 1121


Ben said...

Nutella double shot espresso? That must be heaven! Great blog and pictures :)

Ah Chew said...

Thank you =)

Velva said...

I think I have died and went to heaven! This looks fabulous!!!

Ah Chew said...

hahaaa thanks! go try it at TCC!