Monday, August 10, 2009


Had post national day lunch with old time friends at Tampopo!

Sashimi to share

Wei's supposedly Berkshire Pork rice. Supposedly cos she was suspicious about the pork that was served.. She says that Black Pig is supposed to be fattier than that!

Plat's Salmon Chirashi

And finally, something that i have always wanted to try cos well... i am attracted to anything that has a raw egg as a topping. This is my beef curry rice with egg! The first few bites were yummy and it is especially good if you like gooey, soft, baby food... like me =) but i got kind of hot and tired eating it after a while. Hot because it was served in a stone bowl that kept the rice warm till the last few bites... Hmmm maybe i should buy a stone bowl cos i absolutely love my food HOT! The only thing about this rice dish is that it is deceivingly fatty! the beef pieces were all lined with thick layers of fats, but you cant really see it cos it is a mess of chessy, glooey, brown curry sauce. Nevertheless, I love beef fats! but of course not too much!

Liang Court
Mon-Sun11:30 - 22:00
63383186 (but they dont take reservation)

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